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About Us

Hiya, welcome to BYBI – skin positive, pro-planet beauty for all.

We create effective natural, vegan and cruelty-free skincare, unlocking the goodness of active, nourishing ingredients—full of juicy vitamins and skin-strengthening minerals—to deliver you great skin.

We believe sustainable skincare isn’t an oxymoron—it’s our only beauty standard. We’re here to boost the health of your skin whilst shrinking your carbon footprint. Our goal is to create real change in the beauty industry by making products with intentional ingredients using low-carbon production methods to keep your skin—and our planet—healthy.

Our co-founders Elsie and Dominika started out in their own kitchens in the UK, meticulously crafting DIY beauty recipes with potent natural ingredients. BYBI was born in 2017 and quickly we became known for our truly clean, yet high performing formulas.

Fast forward to today and Elsie and Dominika are now-published authors, beauty podcasters and entrepreneurs who have swapped their flat’s kitchen for a state of the art, eco-lab in central London with a stellar team of scientists who help push for uncompromising results and the most climate-conscious practices, from production to packaging.

Are you ready to revolutionise how you moisturise?
(Not a typo; we’re just Brits.)


Skin Positive, Pro-Planet Beauty

It all started with Clean Beauty Insiders

Clean Beauty Insiders is a platform for all things natural beauty, from DIY recipes to product reviews and industry news.

Elsie and Dominika started Clean Beauty Insiders quite literally in their kitchens; experimenting with avocado face masks and turmeric body scrubs.

As their journey developed, so did the platform and it’s now widely viewed as a premier destination for all things green beauty, with the girls recognised as thought leaders and innovators in the UK. Their book Clean Beauty, 100 recipes for the skin, body and hair, was published by Penguin in Jan 2017 and they launched BYBI in Feb 2017.

Clean Beauty Insiders the Podcast launched in 2018 (listen here).