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Why do I keep getting spots on my chin?

The Why

Chin spots are one of the worst. Prominent, hard, unreasonably angry and for some reason they are popping up a bit more often than we’d like recently. There’s many reasons this may be happening, hormones being numero uno. Most breakouts around the chin and jawline can be linked back to our good old friend hormones, they can increase sebum production which leads to blocked, clogged pores and results, those little angry spots on our chins and jawlines. On top of this, we’ve got the extra worry and onslaught of Maskne, mask. acne. :( 

 So what’s this got to do with the spots on my chin? Well, a bit like our hormones, the face masks are aiding in the pore clogging. We shed our skin cells throughout the day (not like a snake, don’t worry), sounds a bit gross but it’s for a good reason, it stops the dead ones building up and clogging pores! All coming together now? Our face masks are likely having an impact on this, hence why those little spots are appearing on your chin and jaw. The masks are also making our faces a bit sweatier than normal so causing bacteria and grime to build up and grow on our skin, another cause for those spots. But it’s not all bad news guys! Yes, face masks are essential (keep wearing them!!) and hormones we can’t control, but what we can control is our skincare routine and how we can tackle this. 

The How

Really obvious, we know. But if you are having to wear a face mask daily, particularly in the heatwaves we’ve been having or on city commutes and/or if you feel your hormones brewing and noticing some angry changes in your skin, take that extra bit of time and care to properly wash and cleanse your face. Crystal Clear, our foaming gel cleanser is perfect for this, particularly if you are prone to clogged pores and breakouts. Formulated with natural salicylic acid, it deeply cleanses and unclogs those pores, minimising breakouts and reducing the appearance of spots and blemishes. Added inulin feeds your skin with the good bacteria to keep it healthy and protect your skin's microbiome. In the evening if you’ve been wearing makeup or skincare products during the day, or feel your skin just gets particularly greasy and clogged, this is where a double cleanse comes in. Before you go ahead with Crystal Clear grab Swipe Clean and use this first. Ensuring your skin is damp apply a healthy amount of oil to your clean hands and massage all over your face. Swipe Clean’s combination of antibacterial oils such as moringa, jojoba and black cumin, help to break down all of that grime, dirt and makeup on your face. Once fully rubbed in, grab a damp flannel or cloth and remove the oil from your face. As mentioned, finish this double cleanse with Crystal Clearto truly ensure your face is squeaky clean and that damn bacteria, oil and grime can’t build up! 


It is so tempting to pop those spots and show them you are just as angry as them, but don’t! We all know popping spots makes them worse but it’s a habit we need to stop. Instead of popping, pick up CBD Booster off of your shelf and apply a couple drops to the irritated areas. Known for its soothing and calming properties, cannabidiol (CBD) helps to treat areas of inflammation including blemishes, breakouts and spots. Putting an oil on spots does seem counterintuitive but oily skin does need oils and don’t worry, we combined CBD with hemp seed oil. A non comedogenic ingredient means that it softens skin, but the oil won’t clog pores and can even help to regulate your skin’s sebum production. Use in the AM or PM where you might have an angry friend or two to calm them down.


CBD Booster | £12


Acid Gold, an AHA resurfacing face mask helps to banish dead skin cells. And what did we learn earlier? Dead skin cells can clog pores. The naturally derived AHAs (lactic, tartic, malic & glycolic) help to break down the “glue” that binds these cells together leaving behind soft and smooth new ones. In addition to this, papain (papaya) enzyme works to reduce bacteria in the skin, helping to prevent breakouts and blemishes. Feeling a build up of those spots? Try using Acid Gold 1-2 times a week in the evening after your double cleanse. And to keep on top of that inevitable build up of clogged pores, dead skin cells and damn chin spots, use weekly to keep your skin at bay.

SHOP NOW | £20

Written by Isabel, BYBI Commercial Analyst