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It’s scary to think that some pollutant particles are 20 times smaller than pores which means they can infiltrate deep into the skin, dehydrate and cause loss of elasticity in the skin due to the breakdown of collagen. In fact, an experiment proved that over 24 years people living in a rural environment in comparison to an urban environment had noticeably less dark spots and wrinkles due to being less exposed to pollution. Pollutants are also known to cause free radicals in the skin which basically damage perfectly healthy skin cells and can even lead to skin cancer if they damage DNA cells or mutate cells.

So, what can we do other than drop everything and set up shop in the middle of nowhere? Well, we’ve come up with an anti-pollution beauty routine that will fight off those grimy pollutants and leave your skin feeling fresh and free.

1. Cleanse your skin every morning and night. This is crucial to ensure that the day’s filth is well and truly off your face. A gentle exfoliator with fruit enzymes is perfect to use a few times a week for this as it gently sloughs away at dead skin cells leaving soft and clean skin behind. We’d recommend BYBI Beauty’s Prime Time as it contains papaya enzymes, pineapple and apple acids that are full of antioxidants. In fact papain enzymes hold compounds that protect the body from cellular damage caused by free radicals.

2. Face masks are great for your skin and can really help you give your skin a boost. To combat clogged pores and stressed skin, antioxidants are your best friend. Ingredients like Siberian ginseng, activated charcoal and grape seed are packed full of phytonutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that metabolise the generation of skin cells and flush out the impurities from your skin. It’s recommended to face mask a couple of times a week to give your skin a good old clean especially after those hectic city days! Think of it as your “me time” where you can have your own cheeky pamper sesh, whip out the mani-pedi kit and go all out 😉 We are loving BYBI Beauty’s Detox Dust powder face mask mixed with honey – honey’s antibacterial properties keep those spots at bay and the activated charcoal and kaolin clay in Detox Dust flush out all the nasties from your skin.

3. Next up toner. A toner is great to give your skin that final clean – it makes sure that every bit of dirt is washed away. I’d recommend using a super hydrating one as pollutants suck up the moisture in your skin, leaving it feeling parched. Hyaluronic acid holds 1000x its weight in water so is the Holy Grail for dehydrated skin! BYBI Beauty’s Mega Mist hyaluronic acid toner is packed full of hydrating ingredients and is perfect for spritzing on-the-go to keep your skin feeling loved 24/7. A handy tip is to put your toner in the fridge whilst you have a shower then spray on to cool the skin and close your pores. This ensures that no more bits of grime will settle into your pores.

SO with these 3 steps in place you should be all set to go to combat pollution and welcome bright, refreshed and clean skin!