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Which Bank Holiday Vibe Are You?

Bank Holiday, it's a vibe - are you A, B, C or D?

A. Mega chill.


You like to chill, and we mean seriously chill. You're horizontal for the majority of the 3 day weekend. You might be spotted at a BBQ (emphasis on the might), but you're more likely to be seen on the sofa partaking in a level 1 Netflix binge. 

Your skin needs: Blueberry Booster

Why? Because with Netflix (or any screen) comes blue light. And with blue light comes potential inflammation, discolouration and weakening of the skin. The Blueberry Booster helps disperse and absorb blue light energy so you can look at your phone as much as you like. 


B. Vitamin D is life.

To you, the definition of a bank holiday is being outside, soaking up the sun (with SPF on - obv). You're outside from 9am-9pm. You could be poolside, patio-side or park-side. However, come 9pm you're finally ready to cool it down. 

Your skin needs: Supercharge Serum

Why? Because it's a fast-absorbing facial oil made with 18 potent plant extracts to nourish and repair your skin. It encourages cell turnover, brightening dark spots and pigmentation, whilst leaving it naturally glowing. 


C. is for Carnival. Or any party you can get an invite to. 


You approach the 3 day weekend with the planning and stamina of a marathon runner. How many events can you attend, how many looks can you squeeze in per day, how many hours of sleep do you really need?

Your skin needs: Swipe Clean

Why? Because it's a quick, easy and effective makeup remover. Simply shake out, work into skin and let it dissolve all your makeup. Add water to emulsify and watch those 5 layers of mascara melt away. It's made without essential oils, so it's perfect for sensitive skin. 


D. Recovery mode.


Either you've gone hard and (literally) gone home. Or it's the end of a long few months and that extra lie in has come at just the right time. Rest. Recovery. Recuperation. That's the agenda. 

Your skin needs: CBD Booster

Why? Because it's your go to Booster for soothing stressed skin. That includes; redness, sensitivity and congestion or blemishes. It leaves skin calm and clear, just what you need. 


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