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Unwind with a calming skincare routine for stressed out skin

Let’s see a show of hands who’s feeling stressed? Stress can affect us in a multitude of ways, not least our skin. Releasing the chemical cortisol, stress sensitizes and inflames skin, whilst also encouraging extra sebum production which can cause congestion and breakouts, as well as halting collagen production. All in all, stress isn’t great for your skin but it’s not all bad news, with calming skincare products and bespoke, ritualistic routines, there’s small things we can do to help calm our skin as well as our minds. Setting aside a few moments a day dedicated to self care not only benefits our skin, but can help us feel more relaxed, grounded and in control. 

First things first, you’ve got to cleanse. Really cleanse. Even if you’ve been sat at home all day, you can’t skip this part. Pour a generous amount of our oil cleanser Swipe Clean into your hands and work into dry skin, massaging for at least a minute. We are all guilty of rushing through our cleanses but it’s super important to spend as much time as possible thoroughly (but gently) cleansing our skin for the ingredients to really get to work. Plus the very process of facial massage gives us the time to unwind and calm down. A unique blend of oils like jojoba, papaya & olive oil dissolve excess sebum, remove impurities and gently exfoliate dead skin skin cells. Skin appears fresher, calmer & brighter. 

Next up, mix a few drops of CBD Booster & Bakuchiol Booster together and pat into the skin. Small yet mighty, CBD Booster is a serious skin de-stressor that uses the power of cannabidiol to soothe inflammation and ease congestion. Since inflammation Is linked to a whole heap of skin concerns like breakouts & hyper-pigmentation, applying CBD oil to the skin helps to calm & tackle these areas. Derived from plants, CBD Booster is also full to the brim with antioxidants, providing you protection against environmental aggressors too.

Because of spiking cortisol levels, when we’re stressed, our skin can become dull, grey, uneven and generally a bit meh. Best friend of collagen, Bakuchiol Booster, a gentle natural retinol alternative, stimulates collagen production and increases cellular turnover whilst we get some much needed shut eye. The result? Improved skin texture, tone and radiance, Bakuchiol Booster even targets the appearance of fine lines. You’ll wake up with skin that feels plump, bouncy and regenerated.

Final step, seal the deal & lock in all that goodness with Night Nutrition, our dreamy protein night cream. Formulated with ultra nourishing & replenishing ingredients like broccoli seed oil and raspberry seed oil and powerful antioxidants like kale, carrots & lemon proteins, Night Nutrition’s thick, velvety texture instantly soothes and calms skin. Use this step to really dedicate yourself some much needed TLC time, working Night Nutrition deep into the skin with your fingers, releasing tension from your temples, jaw and neck. 

Now that your calming skincare routine is done, light a candle, put down your phone & switch off. You deserve it.


Written by Saoirse, Senior Social & Content Exec