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Top 3 Beauty Looks for Coachella 2018

To say that Coachella is fast approaching is a total understatement at this point. With under 48 hours to go to the start of the biggest annual music festival, we wouldn't blame you if you're busy freaking out in front of your beauty drawer, attempting to choose between your favourite palettes and frantically trying to stuff as many products into your (already very full) suitcase. Coachella is serious business, and we totally get that – that's why we went through rigorous research to pick out the three best looks you need to rock this weekend.

Glow Natural

It's 2018, and minimal has been officially declared the new cool: makeup artists are busy swapping out their primers and highlighters in favour of skincare heroes that care for skin and bring out their models' inner glow. Throw a {Prime Time} in that pouch – you'll need it to keep all that sweat and desert dust from clogging your pores. This signature face scrub is both abrasive and non-abrasive, using fruit acids to munch away at dead skin cells, and jojoba beads that gently buff away dirt and grime, leaving you fresh-faced and positively glowy.

Don't forget {Mega Mist}: it's a godsend for refreshing your makeup and keeping you cool. Not only that, it's packed with hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate from am to pm, and floral waters that will calm skin irritated by exposure to sun and the harsh desert environment.

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Festival Queen

Glitter is the ultimate must-have for any festival. Go for one that's eco-friendly or opt for Mica powder – it's naturally-derived from minerals – as they're a great way to get the festival look without compromising the environment. {Babe Balm} is the perfect alternative to glitter glue: not only does it help get you glammed up, it's packed full of great ingredients like rejuvenating Coenzyme-Q10 and nourishing shea butter, to care for your skin at the same time. Simply apply on the areas you'd like to glitz up, apply your glitter and go. Easy!

Buy BYBI and stock up on all your fave makeup all at once over at {Riley Rose}.

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Trendy Chic

Orange is the colour of the season, so go ahead and rock it all over your face! Get gorgeous summery lips with the help of an eye-catching shade like Ilia Beauty Lipstick in Voila or Kjaer Weis' lip tint in Sweetness. Use BYBI's new lip duo to prep. {Buffer} uses brown sugar and strawberry extract to slough off dead skin, leaving your lips kissably soft, while {Plumper} gives them a real boost with peppermint and blood orange essential oils.

Why not up your game with a glossy lid? Mix a little {Babe Balm} with a bright orange eyeshadow and swipe over the lids, blending out the edges. #Coachella 2k18, here we come!