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This Black Friday, We're Going Green

Over Green Friday, you guys helped us plant a crazy 1320 trees in the Amazon 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳 That's a whole 8.58 tonnes of carbon saved, every year of the full grown trees' life 👏 But the fight doesn't stop there. We vow to continue to be at the forefront of sustainable beauty, creating only the very best skincare, that doesn't cost the earth 🌎 Sustainability, it's in our roots.


What are we doing?

We’re planting 10 trees in the Amazon every time a bundle is bought on Trees cool the planet and suck carbon out of the atmosphere, and that makes us feel a whole lot better about Black Friday consumption. So much so, we’re renaming it Green Friday.

BYBI's Green Friday; taking the stress and CO2 out of your Christmas shopping, literally.



Black Friday to everyone at BYBI can feel a little stressful. We care about the planet a lot. It’s the reason BYBI exists and why we make skincare that works, but doesn’t cost the Earth. We strive to make products and go about our business in a way that has the lowest possible carbon impact.

Black Friday discounts increases the pressure to buy so much that sales increase by 20%. An increase in sales, means an increase the number of items sold, shipped and in turn wasted. With Black Friday shoppers buying more than ever this isn’t good news from a Climate Change perspective. In the UK that means over 90,000 extra delivery trucks on the road emitting CO2 and other pollutants. There's already a crazy 2.2 trillion tonnes of historical CO2 blanketing our atmosphere and causing it to heat, and so we felt it would be irresponsible to promote and discount our products heavily without giving back to the planet…

It turns out trees are literally the coolest. They cool the planet by sucking in and storing harmful greenhouse gases like CO2 and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere instead. The best part?

Trees actually need CO2 to live.

They are our greatest ally against climate change and are a 100% natural solution. When anyone purchases a bundle on we are planting 10 trees in the Peruvian Amazon via a charity called One Tree Planted. A healthy tree can store 13 pounds of carbon each year, make that an acre of trees and its 2.6 tonnes. One large tree can supply a day’s supply of oxygen for four people.

We could talk about trees all day, and if we could, we WOOD. We’ve gotta get planting though. 20% of current greenhouse gases are caused by deforestation. The Amazon is still on fire, and the trees aren’t going to plant themselves.

And the final Green Friday surprise...

If us planting 10 trees for every bundle you buy isn’t cutting it for you this Green Friday, let’s just say we’ll plant a free sustainable, shimmery gift in your recycled paper bundle bag too - a FREE Babe Balm Bronze worth £12. Simply add Babe Balm Bronze to your basket to claim your free gift.

Self care and climate care belong together this Green Friday. It’s time to give back to the planet.

Sources: Friends of the Earth and One Tree Planted, Green Peace, BBC, Guardian