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The Susty Story of Day Defence

Day Defence, BYBI’s new SPF 30 Moisturiser, launched this week promising sustainable sun protection for all. Making an SPF that was not only natural but sustainable was key to BYBI – here’s how we did it:

Day Defence is a mineral SPF. Mineral SPFs use natural ingredients (namely zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) to protect against UVA and UVB, acting as a physical barrier to shield skin. Unlike chemical SPFs which absorb UV rays, mineral SPFs instead reflect the suns rays away from the skin keeping you safe from sun damage.

The harmful effects of chemical sunscreen on our oceans is widespread. Chemicals found in chemical SPFs are often washed off skin into the sea, having detrimental effects to reefs and coral life. This problem is particularly rife in popular tourist destinations causing some places to actually ban chemical sunscreens- YAY! By formulating without chemicals, we have ensured Day Defence is a reef safe alternative to chemical SPFs, with no compromise on the efficacy. The zinc oxide we use in Day Defence is also considered non-nano meaning the particle size is bigger than 100-billionth of meter- meaning it will not penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream- for a safe application. 

We couldn’t formulate an SPF without buriti! Antioxidant rich and a natural SPF booster, buriti helps protect skin against pollution and UV. Like other oils we use across our BYBI range, buriti is cold pressed, a low-energy form of oil extraction (using no heat or chemicals), that retains maximal nutritional content from the seeds.

Sustainably sourced shea butter esters ensure skin is left nourished and conditioned after applying Day Defence. A crop harvested once a year, we work with fully traceable suppliers of shea butter that have active environmental and social programmes to ensure responsible sourcing.

As with our other products, Day Defence is in a sugarcane tube. Sugarcane is a bioplastic that uses the ethanol from sugarcane, a renewable crop, to create plastic instead of fossil fuel having far fewer carbon emissions during production.  

An SPF that’s good for skin & good for the planet – where do I sign up!?