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The Skincare Resolutions To Make In 2021

Oh boy, this past year has been one hell of a ride and it's safe to say our 2020 vision was off, way off. Our resolutions - just about everything else - went out the window and that's ok. 2020 was all about focusing on getting through the best we could. Although we're not out of the woods just yet, we have hope that the new year brings us closer back to equilibrium and with that balance, comes a good opportunity to map out some new and achievable intentions. For some, resolutions might be grandiose, for others, they might just be small, daily accomplishments. For us, naturally, we're all about skincare resolutions. Especially skincare resolutions that are easy to stick to and the kind that once you start doing, you'll never look back. The best thing about skincare resolutions? Well, no matter what 2021 has in store, you can do them from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Here's our pick for attainable, skincare goals that you can set yourself for the year ahead that come with a high chance of you actually sticking to them. If you do, we can more or less promise you 2021 will be your best skin yet.

Protect your skin barrier at all costs

The effects of a compromised skin barrier is real. Think dry, patchy, flakey skin. Increased irritation and sensitivity, not to mention breakouts. If you're getting sudden flare-ups seemingly out of nowhere, it might be a sign that you've overdone it and damaged your skin barrier. This can be caused by using too many actives in your routine that your skin isn't used too or using harsh products that strip the skin. It can also be caused by harsh weather. To avoid damaging your skin barrier, when incorporating a new active into your routine, we always recommend building it up first, to see whether your skin can tolerate it and to check that it gets on with your other products. Try using skin barrier friendly products too like Milk Melt, our vegan oat milk cleanser that contains probiotics (this literally feeds the microbiome!) or Strawberry Booster, that's high in Omega 6 & 9 fatty acids that strengthen the skin, whilst also creating a physical, protective layer on your skin.


Take your make-up off and ditch makeup wipes for good

Let this be the last year that we say this, but seriously, wash your face and throw away your makeup wipes and thank us later. Honestly, you won't regret it. Make your life easier and get yourself a good oil cleanser and makeup remover like Swipe Clean. Unlike makeup wipes, it actually removes makeup whilst cleaning and nourishing the skin. Feeling lazy? No problem. Although we'd prefer you washed your face for a good 60 seconds, Swipe Clean removes it all in about 10.


Unless you're a medical professional, don't self diagnose yourself or try to fix it on your own

If acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema or perioral dermatitis is getting you down and nothing seems to be working then stop trying to fix it yourself and seek medical advice. Your GP or dermatologist will able to help you find a routine and plan that works for you. 

Don't pick your spots

Just don't do it. It's not worth it. I know it's satisfying and addictive, but it'll just make them worse, spread the bacteria and cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Wear SPF, every day. Even in winter.

UV damage is caused by light, not by heat. In FACT, UVA rays can even penetrate windows, so to protect your skin, apply a sunscreen as the last step in your routine every single day. 

Don't neglect your neck and chest

As the old saying goes, skincare is from your nipples up. The skin on your décolletage is thin and more prone to ageing than the rest of your body, so every time you put on your fave moisturiser or serum, give some laugh to your chest and neck too, working the product up towards the face so as not to drag the skin down. 

Incorporate facial massage into your routine

One of the best, free skincare tricks you can do is to give your face a little massage when you do your skincare routine, either with a gua sha, a jade roller or even your trusty fingers. Not only does it give you the chance to seriously unwind, but it helps with lymphatic drainage, tones the skin and increases blood circulation. You know when you get that post-exercise glow and your skin looks really great? Well, that's not just the sweat. Increased blood circulation helps nourish skin cells and flush away cellular debris and free radicals, so your skin looks radiant, bright and plump. Use any of our Boosters to maximise your facial massage and give your skin much needed slip - facial massage works best when skin isn't completely dry.


Be a more conscious consumer

Annually, more than 120 billion units of packaging are produced by the beauty industry, with much more of that ending up in landfill. And whilst we've seen a real shift in industry practices in the past few years, with many brands pledging to be more sustainable, ourselves included, we still have a long way to go. As a consumer, you guys have more power than you know, so keep putting pressure on brands and companies to change their ways. Trust us, we REALLY listen to what you have to say. At BYBI, we work hard to create beauty that impacts your skin, NOT your planet and we're on a crusade against carbon. You can read more about it here.


Exfoliate with acids, but be gentle

If you don't already, exfoliate with acids like AHAs, BHAs and even BHAs. Enzymes too. In terms of doing what they say on the tin and skin benefits, exfoliating acids run laps around traditional face scrubs. They go deep into the skin, and loosening the glue that holds dead skin cells together. So if your skin is feeling textured, dull and even dry, using an exfoliating like Acid Gold, our AHA face mask, can help slough away dead skin cells and bring, bright new ones to the surface, leaving your skin smooth and super glowy. Go easy though, Acid Gold packs a punch so we only recommend using 1-2 a week for optimal results. No need to overdo it.

Get your beauty sleep

That's it, that's the tweet. But seriously, beauty sleep is a real thing. Just like our bodies, our skin cells also follow a 24 hour biological clock known as the circadian rhythm, and in this time our collagen is naturally restored and skin cell turnover is stimulated which is essential for plump, radiant skin. A lack of sleep directly affects our collagen production and try as we might, we can’t always guarantee a restful night sleep so it’s a good idea to pack your night time skincare routine with products and ingredients that do the work whether you’re in deep slumber or tossing and turning. Bakuchiol Booster was designed to take advantage of your sleep cycle and does all the work whilst you sleep. It actively, but gently, helps to boost collagen, smooth and firm skin, noticeably reducing the appearance of fine lines and giving your complexion some oomph when you wake up. As we sleep, our skin becomes more permeable which means our skincare can penetrate more deeply, which is exactly why Night Nutrition is packed full of the good stuff. Broccoli seed, raspberry & oat kernel oils mean Night Nutrition is seriously nourishing, replenishing and repairing. Layering your oils and moisturisers also helps to prevent trans epidermal water loss which increases whilst we sleep.


Let's see in the New Year with great, happy and healthy skin.


Written by Saoirse, Senior Social and Content Executive