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Skin suffering from staying in?

Isolation has really rocked the boat, not only have our normal day-to-day routines changed dramatically, but it seems to be seriously messing with our skin too. 

You would have thought slowing down and less pollution = great skin. However, due to increased stress, screen time, sugar, caffeine and lack of fresh air, we've been experiencing some not-so-great side effects. If your skin is irritated, breaking out, severely dry or oily, dull, or put simply, just gone to s**t, then keep reading. 

Tips from Elsie, BYBI Co-Founder on the routine she's following to clear up mini breakouts, calm skin and tackle dryness.

"Lockdown has not been kind to my skin. On the whole, I have fairly untroubled skin; my main concerns are usually textural (lines, dry patches, pores) and I have a pretty extensive routine to tackle them. I assumed that wearing less makeup, getting more sleep and having time to invest in treatment style skincare would lead to glowing, even and radiant lockdown skin. Unfortunately I was wrong, instead my skin has become blotchy, red (especially around my nose) and uneven with a series of tiny breakouts all over my chin and cheeks and the DRIEST LIPS EVER. I’m not entirely sure what has caused this - could be the lack of fresh air, stress or perhaps I overdid it with the acid masks (one a day is potentially too much) - but my skin doesn’t feel its normal self. 

The camera struggled to pick up the textural changes and how it feels!

The first thing I did was strip back on the routine slightly, as hard as that is given I’m definitely a more is more kinda person when it comes to skincare. I’ve moved to three/four steps of lighter products; so morning = I’ll Mega Mist onto damp skin straight from the shower then a small amount of C-Caf (the vit c helps to even out skin tone), CBD and SPF and evening = Swipe Clean or Crystal Clear to gently cleanse (the latter is helping clear the little breakouts), then CBD and Night Nutrition.

Stripping things back slightly has helped not to overload my skin with actives and also makes it easier to pinpoint if there’s something specific that my skin is reacting to. I’ve moved the masking to weekly and am using super potent products like Bakuchiol and Supercharge Serum every few days. CBD has become a morning and evening staple and I’m using it straight up at the moment and it’s honestly been making such a difference. The benefits I see from CBD are a significant reduction in redness, particularly around my nose and on the weird little red blotches I’m getting on my cheeks. It also helps with the small spots that keep cropping up, I literally dab a drop on at night and see a reduction in inflammation and appearance when I wake up. Finally, Babe Balm is the OG saviour of dry lips and I’m applying this regularly throughout the day."


Tips from Saoirse, Senior Social Media Exec, on why Swipe Clean is great for her oily skin, how to best use Mega Mist and why the Bakuchiol Booster really works.

"Relationship status with my skin: it’s complicated. I’m not one of those lucky people blessed with naturally “good skin”. You know the ones - the people whose skincare routine is compromised solely of makeup wipes, who enjoy dairy every day and who rarely get 8 hours of kip a night and yet somehow still look RADIANT. That’s not me. Instead, I have skin that is prone to breakouts, texture, oiliness AND dryness, dehydration & dullness. I don’t know if it’s because I have more time to scrutinise myself in the mirror, but my fine lines seems to be increasing too. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly causes my skin concerns, but one thing I know for sure is that it’s VERY reactive to stress, so inevitably, lockdown has taken a toll on my complexion. 

To combat this, I’m keeping it simple. One thing I’ve learnt is that my skin doesn’t appreciate a 12-step routine, no matter how much I enjoy it. Swipe Clean is my ride or die. I’ve used this every single day since I’ve been at BYBI. If you’ve got oily skin, an oil cleanser might freak you out but trust me, you need it. When your skin is deprived of oil, it starts producing more sebum to compensate which is why it’s so important to have oil in your routine even if you walk on the shinier side of life. Swipe Clean is really gentle but very effective and removes every last bit of makeup and grime. I pour a generous amount into my hands before massaging into my skin for at least 1-2 minutes. This part is key. Not only does it help remove oil plugs from my pores (you can literally see them come out on your hand) but it gives my face some much needed circulation and stimulation - something that my entire body is definitely lack at the moment. The massage element helps my complexion appear brighter, bouncier and more toned. 


Mega Mist & Bakuchiol Booster are my absolutely heroes for targeting my fine lines - turns out constantly smiling into a Zoom call is beginning to show. Mega Mist contains humectants like hyaluronic acid and glycerin which makes it seriously hydrating so skin becomes instantly plump after application and fine lines appear reduced. Think of your skin like the desert, when it’s lacking water, the cracks appear, so if you’re concerned with wrinkles, hydration is key.

SHOP MEGA MIST | £16/£26

I use Bakuchiol Booster as the last step in my PM routine and I can genuinely see the benefits of it the next morning. My skin almost instantly appears plumper, more even and smoother. Bakuchiol is heralded for increasing cellular turnover and stimulates collagen production a lot like retinol, it’s the ideal ingredient for anyone looking to improve texture and reduce the appearance of laughter lines. Bakuchiol Booster contains olive squalane too which makes it really skin softening too and helps to seal in sacred moisture." 


Tips from Isabel, Commercial Analyst, on how to tackle acne scarring and pigmentation at home.