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Should you be using CBD in your skincare?

In short, yes! Especially if your skin is feeling congested, blemished or stressed.

In the last year we’ve seen CBD everywhere, evolving from a holistic herbal based supplement to a sheet mask. It’s the buzz ingredient that has brands across the globe taking note. But what is CBD? Extracted from the non-intoxicating part of cannabis, CBD (or cannabidiol) has no psychoactive effects (i.e. doesn’t make you feel high) but is however, loaded with a multitude of skincare benefits beauty junkies can’t live without. Cannabidiol is extremely potent, and therefore only a small amount is needed when combined with other actives- usually coming in the form of oils e.g. hemp, squalane & coconut.

Known for its calming, anti-inflammatory effects on the skin, CBD products are a staple for many, but particularly those who have congested or acne-prone skin. By helping to balance sebum production CBD helps to reduce the build-up of oil in pores in turn reducing blemishes and breakouts - making CBD an effective way of helping to manage acne, promoting clearer and calmer looking skin. The anti-inflammatory power of CBD helps to calm reactive and angry skin, making it a great skin soother for any sensitive skin types. Its non-irritating properties help soothe areas of redness, instantly helping skin feel relaxed.



As well as its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is a potent source of antioxidants, helping to promote radiance and counteract the damage from free radicals for healthier and stronger skin- making it an all rounder for optimal skin health! Our CBD Booster combines cannabidiol with omega-rich Hemp Oil (derived from cold pressing the seed of the Hemp plant) helping to skin supple & soft. Delivering an instant soothing burst to the skin, CBD Booster can be used morning or night, applied directly to the skin or mixed with your moisturiser or serums.


 Written by Chloe, NPD Manager