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Our top skincare tips that we've learnt over the years

At BYBI’s virtual HQ, having collectively worked in the beauty industry for 30+ years, we’ve seen and tried it all. From the walnut scrubs of our youths, toothpaste on our spots to high-grade acids, there’s really not much we haven’t chucked on our faces. Essentially, we’ve learnt the hard way what works and what doesn’t work for holistic skin health & happiness.

Here’s some sage advice that we’ve learnt over the years.

Wear SPF

Sorry but it’s an absolute no brainer. The ONLY essential skincare product is sunscreen. There’s literally no point doing an expensive 12 step active skincare routine if you’re not following it up with broad spectrum SPF. In fact you’ll just be undoing all of your hard work, especially if you’re routine is geared towards anti-aging and exfoliation. Our SPF30 day cream Day Defence, slots easily into your existing routine and depending on your skin feel can be used either in place of or after your moisturiser.

Less is more

As a lover of indulgent skincare routines, with multiple steps and multiple actives that allow me to lock myself away in my bathroom undisturbed for ages, this was a particularly bitter pill to swallow. But if you have any skin condition, such as acne, rosacea, eczema or even sensitivity, you need to strip your skincare routine back to basics. Doing too much can aggravate skin, make your ‘problems’ worse and compromise your sacred skin barrier. If your skin is usually well behaved but it’s suddenly started freaking out then you might be overloading it. If this happens, go back to the bare essentials for a few weeks and slowly incorporate your actives back in but be careful not to overdo again. 

Patience is virtue

Good things come to those who wait. Whilst some products like moisturisers, hydrating mists or AHAs can deliver instant results, products treating targeted concerns like acne, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and wrinkles will take longer. Realistically you need to play the long game and wait at least 6-12 weeks to really see a difference for these concerns. 

No one size fits all

Repeat after me: everyone’s skin is different. Annoyed that you didn’t experience the life-changing results from your bestie’s holy grail skincare product? We know it’s frustrating when you’ve invested in a product that doesn’t ‘work’ but what works for one person, won’t necessarily work for the next - which is why it’s so important to really get to know your own skin. Some people can tolerate exfoliating acids every day, other people can only use them 1-2 a week. Some people get on just fine with fragrance, some absolutely cannot handle it. Be a critical consumer, don’t just buy what your favourite influencer promotes, read about skin suitability on the brand’s website, ask them questions and ease into new products.

Don't pick your spots

Tbh, more often than not I don’t take my own advice on this but I am TRYING. Despite how satisfying it is to pop a pimple (sorry to anyone feeling queasy) it’s basically NEVER worth it. Not only are you going to cause PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) so much worse but you also risk spreading around bacteria that can worse breakouts and cause more spots. Apply CBD Booster either all over or as a targeted spot treatment to calm inflamed, angry zits.

Not all skincare is created equal 

Formula is QUEEN. Yes a lot of products by different brands contain the same or similar ingredients, no they haven’t all been formulated the same, so you can’t always expect the same results. Let’s break it down. If I was given the exact same ingredients and tools as a michelin star chef, who’s dya think would taste better? Clue, it’s not gonna be mine. The same rule applies to formulating skincare products. At BYBI our in-house chemist spends A LOT of time formulating and reformulating products to make sure they’re truly the best they can be.

Written by Saoirse, Senior Social & Content Exec