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@leitalienne On Why The Answer is Always Oils

Okay guys, it's that time of the year when we need something powerful to fight this chilly weather. If your skin becomes dehydrated, dry and rough, maybe you suffer from something called “winter”?!

Well, I've got the solution, the perfect remedy for everything, the holy grail for every skin type: o-i-l-s. Yeah, you heard me, oils are so damn perfect for keeping skin balanced and hydrated, especially in winter. Maybe that's the reason why I'm so obsessed with them. After reading this, you'll be too.

{They're good for all skin types.}

Whatever your skin concern, let an oil tackle it for you. Facial oils mimic the lipids in your skin, so your skin receives the message “okay, enough sebum” and it won't overproduce oil.

Oils are also composed of fatty acids like vitamin E, which can replenish even the driest skin and improve your skin's nourishment. Get your dose of vitamin E in the Buriti Booster, it's a great daily facial oil to protect and defend skin against pollution and environmental stressors. 


{They protect your skin.}

Oils protect your skin, fortifying its natural barrier - as they ensure moisture stays locked in and keep skin healthy and supple. Raspberry seed oil (high in vitamin A and E) can also protect you against UVB rays: it naturally has an SPF between 30 to 50, depending on quality. 

{They look amazing under and on top of make-up.}

Have you ever tried using Supercharge Serum as a primer? It gives you a smooth and flowing surface, the perfect canvas for your make-up. Foundation has never been so flawless. A little touch of powder and you're ready. If you want an extra glow, tap your Babe Balm on with a beauty blender and you'll be the hottest, shiny disco-ball in town. Word of leitalienne. 

{They can calm down inflammation and help with blemishes.}

I am talking about Calendula Oil and Carrot oil, those bad boys are magical. Some of my favourite products are Dr. Haushka Clarifying Day Oil and Babe Balm (just to be clear, in case you haven't figured out yet, I love Babe Balm for literally everything). They both contain these ingredients and work well against zit struggles.


{They're the best make-up remover.}

Natural oils condition the skin with fat-soluble vitamins and antioxidants so while you're swiping away your make-up, you're also providing your skin with a healthy complexion boost. Try Swipe Clean and you'll never look back. Bye-bye dullness. 


- Marika of @leitalienne

Babe Balm was #giftedbyBYBI. 

Marika is a freelance beauty content creator and writer. If you like what you've read, give @leitalienne a follow and stay tuned for news about the launch of her new blog.