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Instagram Approved: Detox Dust and Supercharge Serum

Instagram beauty influencer @skincarin put our signature powder face mask and brightening facial oil to the test. Here's what she thought...

Trying the Supercharge Serum and the Detox Dust has been such a beautiful experience. After nearly over a month of testing them out, I can say for sure that I’m a BYBI babe — I’m completely hooked!

The Supercharge Serum has quickly become my favourite oil and a staple in my skincare routine. It was love at first try... or pat, rather. It’s so concentrated, yet so light. With ingredients such as squalane, prickly pear, watermelon seed oil and camellia (and more!), this is a star amongst my skincare products. It’s nourishing and extremely gentle on my very dry, acne-prone skin. It doesn’t give me whiteheads, doesn’t make me look oily since my skin absolutely loves it and drinks it up right away and it’s just simply gorgeous. It’s like no other oil I’ve tried.

A post shared by 🌈 cri (@skincarin) on

I use the Supercharge Serum in a variety of ways. Sometimes I use it by itself, just a couple drops warmed in my hands and applied straight to my face and neck (like BYBI says, “you gotta look after the stem that holds the flower.”) Other times I mix it with my moisturiser of choice for those extra dry days. Lately I have been mixing it with my foundations/bb creams/concealers and let me tell you — my skin has never looked more flawless. As I have dry skin, foundation and makeup in general tends to look very flakey on me. This helps tremendously with that. It just makes everything so much smoother.

However my favorite way of using it is mixing it with my Detox Dust. These two are a match made in heaven.

Detox Dust is special. While it is a clay powdered mask, it’s also much more than that. It has oats, charcoal powder, ginseng root extract, lotus seed powder and papaya enzyme to act as powerful antioxidants. City pollution and city grime? You can say bye to that. And you know what’s the most beautiful thing about this mask? Freedom. You can mix this with anything and tailor it to your specific needs and concerns. You can add honey, yogurt, avocado, bananas, anything. It sort of makes you feel like a chemist or a kid playing with all your ingredients. It feels personal almost. You get to decide what goes on your skin.

A post shared by 🌈 cri (@skincarin) on

I often mix it with 4 drops of the Supercharge Serum, floral mists instead of water, and pure honey from my dad’s bees. The glow it gives me is incomparable. It’s so brightening and it leaves my skin very smooth. Rejuvenated and dewy. Ever since I started using both of these products regularly, I’ve been seeing an improvement in my skin texture and have experienced fewer breakouts. I tend to always forget to mask at least once a week, but the Detox Dust stands out on my shelf thanks to its very cute packaging and it definitely reminds me to keep using it to keep seeing results from it. And another thing — you know how with bottles of oil, the more you use them the messier the bottle gets and suddenly you can’t even read the label anymore? Well, that doesn’t happen with BYBI packaging. It’s all made to last.

My fiancé loves BYBI. My mom loves BYBI. I am obsessed and after a little over a month my Supercharge Serum is already almost empty and I will be repurchasing soon. I just don’t want to be out of it ever.