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Ingredient Spotlight: Probiotics

Probiotics promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in your skin’s microbiome, which is our skin's mini ecosystem full of bacteria, viruses and fungi. The skin microbiome is fascinating as it changes from person to person and depending on the area studied. E.g. the microbiome on our face is different to the microbiome under our arms. Genetics, diet, lifestyle and where you live all contribute to the composition of your microbiome. It is such an interesting area of research as our microbiome controls many aspects of our skin, including how effectively the products absorb, the strength of our skin barrier and our skin’s pH.

When the biome is out of balance, our skin pays the price; studies have shown a link between a significantly imbalanced microbiome and a variety of conditions, for example atopic dermatitis or eczema.

True probiotics cannot survive in skincare products as they need preservatives to make them safe for use and to kill bad and harmful moulds and bacteria.  However, using probiotic filtrates still bring a lot of benefits to the skin as they are rich in humectants, antioxidants and nutrients that support the microbiome.

We have used lactobacillus ferment lysate filtrate in our new product, it is derived from lactobacillus lactis strains. This strain was cultured by biochemists to help brighten skin as it is an analogue to Agouti Signal Protein (ASP), which interferes with melanogenesis- the process of producing melanin.

Brighten your skin and your Monday morning using probiotics, found in C-Caf Cream.