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How regenerating products helped my Perioral Dermatitis

Is there anything we all want more than better skin? You know, that completely amazing feeling of your skin being over-the-top-happy, as in having the best skin? We didn’t think so, but you can accomplish the best version of YOUR skin, using regenerating products. BYBI’s Design Executive Karoline, tells how our regenerating series helped her optimise her skin’s microbiota and reduced her breakouts of perioral dermatitis.

How do regenerating products optimise your skin?

So first, what does regenerating actually mean? Regenerating refers to ‘change radically and for the better’. And is there anything we all want more than better skin? Hmm probably not. We all want that glowing, dewy skin.

Regenerating products can help skin feeling better by improving the condition of the skin, either by stimulating collagen production, improving skin texture or by balancing the skin’s microbiota. Potent and effective ingredients in the BYBI range can optimise your skin, making it look smoother and more clear. You might want to use regenerating products for several reasons eg. skin being damaged, scars or irritation. You might have great skin already and just wanna keep it looking great and optimise the look of the texture. Or maybe your skin might be going down a really rough path. And for me, the last bit is why I had to rethink my skincare routine and keep it in check with potent, efficacious skincare. 

Yo, what the heck is Perioral Dermatitis?

It is as uncomfortable as it sounds. Perioral Dermatitis (POD) is an inflammatory state of the skin with some similarities to rosacea. Red and/or dry areas of the skin, itchy rashes and small pustules. Perioral dermatitis is a mix of eczema and an allergic reaction that often occurs around the mouth, nose or close to the eyes, mostly affecting women between 20-45 years old. Pesky AF, difficult to get rid of and a serious deal-breaker for my (and many others) confidence.

POD is often a result of 1) topical steroids 2) wrong skincare 3) diet. My POD as a result of a great summer, introducing too many new products at once and using a more-than-what-was-good of mix of retinol (Vitamin A) & C-vitamin products. Having oily skin, I have been so addicted to acids that I disrupted my lipid barrier resulting in my skin saying S-T-O-P. It was time to rebuild a protective barrier and regenerate my skin and a year later, I can now share what worked wonders for me.

So how do you deal with this?

It is time to give your skin a break, with some serious TLC and a clean up in your skincare and beauty products. I was prescribed with a topical antibiotic which helped short-term, but - and I kid you not - when I finished the treatment my POD came back, angrier than ever. Back to scratch, rock-bottom and tired of looking like I didn’t know beauty at all, it was time for some serious revaluation of my skincare routine. A year later I have learned the hard way,  when it comes to POD less is unfortunately more. I have said goodbye to harsh exfoliants, drying acids, sulphates and fragranced cleansers. However, I have said hello to regenerating products with anti-inflammatory properties and prebiotic ingredients.

How BYBI’s Regenerating products soothed my POD

Having POD can feel a lot like the natural skin barrier is disturbed and my skin needed some serious TLC. I have cut my skincare routine down to fewer but more effective products. People with perioral dermatitis often have an increased growth of yeasts, which is why cleansing with a non-stripping cleanser morning and evening is key. Retinols (Vitamin A) often gives negative side effects, so looking for natural alternatives like bakuchiol is a great way to achieve the same effects.

My regenerating skincare routine 


  1. Cleanse

To balance the skin’s natural microbiome I use Crystal Clear. A prebiotic gentle cleanser with inulin to feed the skin’s natural microbiota and remove the bad bacteria that causes breakouts and inflammation. Rosemary water and cypress oils with anti-inflammatory properties help to keep skin clear and minimise yeast.



Having reacted badly to retinol I had to change this in my skincare routine. A great natural substitute is Bakuchiol, having similar effects as retinol but without the negative side effects. BYBI Bakuchiol Booster is a light oil working perfectly alongside other products. I use it on clean skin before a moisturiser containing calendula.


  1. Protect

To protect my skin from free-radicals from pollution I use the Buriti booster. The high concentrate of beta-carotene protects against free radicals and vitamin A and E helps to maintain happy skin (oy, and it gives a seriously great glow too!)


  1. Calming, anti-inflammatory seal

To seal the potent effects from the boosters I mix Nelson’s calendula cream (yes, it is a budget must-have and can be found at Holland & Barrett) with The Ordinary’s Niacinamide. Calendula has soothing and nourishing properties and Nelson’s cream isn’t too heavy on the skin, which is important when dealing with perioral dermatitis. Niacinamide is a form of B3, and has anti-inflammatory effects which improves redness in the skin. It minimises sebum which is great for oily skin and improves dull and lacklustre skin, perfect to use during the day when vitamin C isn’t suitable for your skin type.


  1. Cleanse

As introduced in my morning routine.

  1. Regenerate

Bakuchiol - you are such a babe. Having to avoid products like retinol and AHA’s has been the biggest challenge for me. I love acids and the feeling after a good mask. But having POD, I had to say goodbye to this but there is alight at the end of the tunnel.

Bakuchiol is a 100% natural alternative to retinol (Vitamin A) - and IT works! 

Derived from the Babchi plant makes it a natural alternative and has regenerating effects on damaged skin. Having to avoid retinol and heavy oils, Bakuchiol is the perfect fit as it is hosted in 99% olive squalene (you know squalene right? That amazing thing that softens skin and improves elasticity). And Bakuchiol works by stimulating collagen which improves the texture of the skin (say bye to scars!) 


(And oy, Bakuchiol is a BYBI bestseller, always selling out and is a great stocking filler. Get your skates on and buy it here)



  1. Calming finish

To lock in the potent ingredients of Bakuchiol I use a hydrating moisturiser. As I often experience redness, I use a calming moisturiser in the evening. I mix between:

Ecooking anti-redness cream:

A calming and nourishing moisturiser that has anti-inflammatory chamomile and extracts from mushrooms and grass eases redness. I find it best in the winter where the skin is dry, as it is quite potent. It works well when the weather changes, reducing redness and dry skin.

Youth To The People Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream:

Adaptogens like ashwagandha and pentapeptide are what makes this moisturiser great for sensitive, irritated skin. Ashwagandha works by healing stressed skin. Pentapeptide calms sensitive and irritated skin. This moisturiser leaves a really hydrated finish and is a delicious evening treat on top of bakuchiol. 

In periods of extreme redness, I alternate my evening routine with CBD which also provides anti-inflammatory effects and calms skin.

So, am I (Crystal) clear once and for all?

To this, I must say no. Skipping a cleanse, being out of Crystal Clear or experimenting with new products can unbalance my skin. Eating healthy, keeping my skincare routine simple (bye retinol) and listening to my skin has helped. In periods with a high intake of sugars and gluten (bye to pints too!), I start getting pustules on my nose and around my mouth - a serious incentive to live healthier. I do from time to time use a vitamin C cream, but I am much better at listening to how my skin is feeling. Furthermore, I supplement my diet with good gut-stuff like probiotic vitamins, evening primrose oil, and natural adaptogens like ashwagandha, goji berries and turmeric.

Perioral Dermatitis is not a fun experience - but looking back I am now treating my skin better, have minimised my use of make-up and are very aware of how it’s really feeling.

Yo, I already got great skin. Do the Regenerating products help me too?

Regenerating products is suitable for most skin feels and will support your great skin. Regenerating products like Crystal Clear and Bakuchiol Booster fits in with your existing routine as they are 100% natural and are designed to achieve your best skin. Skincare is never a ‘one size fits all’, so remember to listen to your skin feels. In doubt?: Check our skin feels flow chart here

PS: We recommend that you always check with your GP if you are in doubt about products. 

Got experience with perioral dermatitis? Please share your experience here.