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Go Green: How To Live A Sustainable Lifestyle

The season around World Environment Day makes the perfect atmosphere for exploring a greener lifestyle, being environmentally-friendly and realising our role in caring for our planet. We're proud to say that we're living in an age where leaders and organisations all over the world are taking note of the situation at hand and making a stand for sustainability. However, the story doesn't end here. We could all definitely do our own bit in pushing our society towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.

So, where do we even start? Read on to discover three easy ways to life a more sustainable lifestyle:

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Buy Right

Let's admit it, we all want to rock that stylish new trend from time to time. But it is worth bearing the cost of fast fashion – all 300,000 tones of landfill space, to be precise? 

Perhaps not, but thankfully, more and more high streets brands are taking steps to combat the issue. Retailers like Marks & Spencer and H&M are encouraging customers to recycle by launching new schemes that reward customers with a £5 voucher for donating old clothes.

It's also easier to shop consciously than ever before. ASOS houses a good handful of organic and Fairtrade brands over on their Eco Edit, and plenty of the coolest eco-friendly brands, such as People Tree, are available online, either through their own websites or retailers like Gather & See.

Better beauty

So you've thrown out all your microbead-containing products – what's next? Going green in beauty has never been easier, especially when BYBI's got your back! Every single product in our range is totally eco-friendly, from the 100% natural, sustainably sourced ingredients in our formulas to our lovely carbon-neutral courier. Not to mention, we only use recyclable packaging, and some of our products (like Babe Balm and Prime Time) come in biodegradable tubes made from sugar cane. Planet-saving? Definitely. Instagrammable? Hell, yes.

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Eat leftovers

It's a massive shame that over 4 billion tonnes of perfectly good food gets thrown away every year in the UK alone. Not only does this mean a total waste of energy, water and resources, all these leftovers produce a worrying amount of greenhouse gases as they're decaying. This makes it all the more important for us to start going green and aiming for ethical, from the groceries we buy to the take-away lunches that we treat ourselves with.

Although, you'll be glad to hear that we don't literally mean eating that leftover pie for the rest of your life. Groundbreaking apps like Karma and Too Good To Go work with all your favourite food retailers and restaurants to offer you exclusive discounts on unsold food, making customers happy and cutting down on food waste at the same time. The places available aren't too shabby either: from Detox Kitchen to Yo!Sushi, you'll be utterly spoilt for choice. Win!