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Get Christmas Party Ready With Our Soften Range

Written by Anthonia, BYBI Cosmetic Chemist.

Winter. Dark gloomy weather, frozen noses, numb feet; a lot of changes happen around this time of year, especially to our skin. Low humidity environments, harsh winds, use of indoor heating and close to 0°C temperature are very harsh on our skin barrier, making skin more prone to dryness, cracks and irritation.

I change my skincare routine with the seasons in the same way that I change my wardrobe. I have normal-combination skin, and for most of the year I like to use products that keep my skin hydrated and moisturised without contributing to the oiliness of my t-zone. However, I increase the amount of emollients and occlusive that I use in the colder months as winter in the UK is brutal and I do not want my skin to fall victim to its harsh ways.

First up, hydration

Mega Mist is my ride or die, it contains hyaluronic acid and glycerine which are humectants, compounds that attract water from the air to hydrate our skin. I rely on Mega Mist to hydrate my skin but use it in a very specific way; as there is low humidity in the air during winter, I apply Mega Mist to damp skin, providing my skin with the water that it needs for the humectants to work.


Next, I boost

I mix my moisturiser with a few drops of Strawberry Booster to give my skin the extra softness and glow that it needs during winter. Oils are occlusive in nature, this combined with the emollients in moisturisers fill in the cracks in the skin structure and provide a protective barrier; sealing in the hydration added in my previous step, preventing trans epidermal water loss and dryness.


Followed by, lip care

My lips take the biggest hit when winter arrives. They go from juicy and luscious to painfully chapped and cracked overnight. However, the BYBI Lip Kit saves me. Regularly exfoliating with the sugar scrub and moisturising with the plumping balm keeps my lips mistletoe ready.


Not forgetting, Babe Balm

Babe Balm is a staple for me in the colder months. I use it on my cuticles, elbows, kneecaps, ankles and anywhere else that can get extra dry. But, my favourite way to use Babe Balm is as a healing barrier-repairing overnight mask. I apply a thin layer when my skin feels like it needs some TLC after my night time routine and I wake up with baby smooth skin. As the balm is very rich I advise testing this on a small area of your face to see if it causes any congestion, especially if you have oiler skin.


Try out these tips to keep your skin soft and supple during winter.

Written by Anthonia, BYBI Cosmetic Chemist