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Essential skincare for you and your shelfie

Sometimes, a simple, effective routine is all you're looking for. Pick from one of these three routines to suit your skin needs. Not only do they benefit your skin and the planet, they also look great on your bathroom shelf too. 

Feeling overly sensitive?

  • Remove makeup gently with Swipe Clean, our facial cleansing oil made without essential oils. It's perfect for those with sensitive skin and effective at removing eye makeup without causing irritation. When empty, recycle for free with ReBYBI, our circular recycling scheme that will reuse your bottle to make another. 
  • Repair skin with Strawberry Booster. Made from 100% cold pressed strawberry seed oil, a by-product of the juicing industry that would have otherwise gone to waste. It helps to replenish and soothe dry or flaky skin. 
  • Instantly soften rough patches with Babe Balm, our nourishing multipurpose beauty balm that provides an intense moisture hit to dry skin. 

Bundle these sensitive skin heroes together and save £9. 


The not-so-basic Basics

  • Exfoliate, plump and moisturise your lips with the Lip Kit. Use Buffer to gently remove dead, dry skin for smoother lips - great if you're applying lip colour. Then follow with Plumper to naturally enhance your lip shape with chilli and peppermint, whilst also leaving them conditioned and soft.
  • What comes after phone, keys and wallet nowadays? A mask and sanitizer! Clean Hands is made with 65% alcohol, so it effectively reduces bacteria on the skin, helping keep you safe when out and about. We've formulated it with lavender and glycerin so that it not only smells divine, it also leaves your hands soft and moisturised, rather than red raw. 
  • SPF always. This summer we launched Day Defence, our new SPF 30 moisturiser that protects skin from sun damage, helps prevent premature ageing and importantly, is reef safe. Made with a physical filter, non nano zinc oxide, it forms a barrier on the skin that reflects UV rays. Apply every day as the last step in your routine to protect your skin. 


Dull correct


  • Deeply cleanse into pores with Crystal Clear, our foaming gel cleanser made with salicylic acid and prebiotics to help decongest and balance skin. The inulin helps look after the skin's microbiome, so that skin is replenished after cleansing and not left dry or stripped. Perfect as a second cleanse after removing makeup with Swipe Clean. 
  • Use Bakuchiol Booster at night (now available in 15ml & 50ml) to help boost collagen production for smoother skin. Bakuchiol mimics the effects of retinol (vitamin A) to help improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and prevent wrinkles. The difference with bakuchiol is that it's more gentle and safe to use when pregnant and breastfeeding.
  • For a serious brightening boost, reach for Acid Gold 2-3 times a week. This resurfacing face mask uses AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and upcycled pumpkin enzyme to exfoliate away dead, dull skin. It's bright orange colour comes from seabuckthorn oil, which leaves skin feeling moisturised and healthy. Skin will feel instantly smoother, softer and super glowy after use. Acid Gold comes with a mask brush for hygienic application and will last for between 10-15 uses. 

Bundle these dullness correcting products together and save up to £14 (depending on what size Bakuchiol Booster you go for!). 


Written by Hannah, Assistant Communications Manager