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Don't forget your lips


If you are reading this, then just like us you probably own quite an array of products to help improve your skin health, aiming for that glowy natural insta looking skin. With the focus on our faces, it's very easy to forget about another important part of it that’s just as important to look after. Your lips!

Lips are a multipurpose, amazing part of our body, doing a lot for us we may take for granted. They help us to speak, smile, eat, drink, and all sorts! It might sound a bit obvious but they are made of skin too, so they need just as much love and attention. 

Dry or chapped lips are the bane of many of our lives. Lips can become chapped or dry when exposed to the sun, wind, cold or dry air. Our lips have it tough, they really do. We are all about moisturising our face and body, but did you know more moisture is lost through our lips than any other part of our body! I mean, can they catch a break?! 

Queue BYBI Lip Kit. Comprised of St. Valentine's true favourite couple, Lip Buffer and Lip Plumper. BYBI’s all natural lip saving scrub and balm, have got you and your lip care covered, all year round.

Why should we scrub our lips? Well first things first no one wants to be dealing with chapped lips and another excellent reason... it makes a perfect base for your favourite red lipstick this Valentine's Day.

Buffer is the perfect dual action natural lip scrub. Formulated with brown sugar (used in place of those non-susty microbeads) it gently scrubs and buffs away the dreaded dry, chapped, flaky bits of skin that you don’t want on your lips. Sustainably sourced shea butter works with agave and cherry oils to hydrate the lips helping prolong the buffing effects. To keep on top of those lips, we recommend scrubbing 2-4 times a week.

Plumper is a lip balm like no other. It actually moisturises your lips, naturally, win! Shea butter and carnauba wax coat the lips with a protective barrier sealing in that moisture and helping to protect against the weather, rain or shine (quite literally). Coating your lips in Plumper’s thick and creamy texture will not only help protect and restore, due to naturally occurring vitamin E in the grape seed oil, but will leave them glossy and shiny.
Plumper is the perfect hybrid of lip balm and gloss and can be used on its own or on top of your lipstick to add that extra shine. 

The most important thing to note in this blog is that both these lip saving heroes come together in one ultimate kit saving you 11%.


Buff lips with Buffer 2-4 times a week.

  • Start with damp lips and gently scrub the product across your lips and wash off with warm water.
  • If you fancy; feel free to leave the Buffer on your lips for a little bit longer, after scrubbing for a mini mask vibe.
  • Follow with Plumper to hydrate and lock in moisture. 

Use Plumper as much often as you want and as often as you need. Use on bare lips or even on top of your favourite lipstick for a super chic gloss. 



Glossy, healthy, moisture rich, kissable lips are waiting...