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Combining day creams with facial oils: How to mix C-Caf with the Boosters

When BYBI's first ever day cream dropped earlier this month, dry, dull January skin rejoiced. An ultra-hydrating, lightweight moisturiser infused with a powerhouse of vitamin C, caffeine & probiotics, BYBI's C-Caf Cream promises to energise tired complexions leaving skin looking brighter, smooth and mega hydrated. Designed to slot into your morning routine (post cleanse) the silky formula spreads effortlessly and absorbs quickly creating dewy skin and the perfect base for make-up.


Whilst C-Caf delivers many skincare benefits in its own right, at BYBI we are BIG believers in the power of facial oils (Boosters) and their ability to maximise existing skincare routines by providing a potent dose of targeted actives, designed to treat specific skincare concerns and needs as and when you face them. Boosters allow for optimal customisation of your existing skincare routine, to quickly achieve results.

Much like an extra shot in your morning coffee, BYBI's range of Boosters complement and enhance the benefits of C-Caf with their lightweight texture, meaning they blend easily and only require a few drops. Each booster delivers different benefits and may be used alone, or alongside another booster - completely up to you and your skin concerns. To help you decide which booster(s) are right for you, we’ve looked at how our Strawberry, Buriti, Blueberry and CBD boosters work alongside C-Caf:


Strawberry Booster

Strawberry oil and day moisturisers are a match made in supple, soft skin heaven. A hydration hero, BYBI's Strawberry Booster is jam packed with omega fatty acids to replenish and restore skin's barrier function. The result? Smooth, nourished skin with patches of dry and flakey skin reduced. Adding a few drops into C-Caf will boost and lock in moisture for skin that stays hydrated and soft all day long.


Buriti Booster

A rich source of vitamin E & vitamin C, the Buriti Booster shields skin from environmental aggressors, helping to combat the effect of free-radicals on the skin whilst brightening the complexion. Combining antioxidant rich Buriti oil with brightening C-Caf delivers a cocktail of glow-getting ingredients for instant radiance, enhanced further by the rich-orange colour of Buriti oil that leaves a noticeable glow on the skin. The ultimate brightening power-duo to energise and revive post-skin sleep.


BYBI Beauty Boosters

Blueberry Booster

Known for its protective properties against damaging HEV (blue-light) rays BYBI's Blueberry Booster is a must for anyone who spends a significant proportion of their day looking at a screen (phone-laptop-tv and repeat) - so pretty much everyone! It’s also high in beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A) & omegas to help nourish skin and reduce levels of oxidative stress for a brighter, healthier complexion. Combining BYBI's Blueberry Booster with the antioxidants found in C-Caf will leave your skin ready to face the day and fight back against all kinds of daily skin stressors, from blue-light to pollution.


CBD Booster

CBD’s ability to suppress breakouts by regulating oil production combined with its anti-inflammatory properties - two major features of breakouts - make BYBI's CBD Booster a stressed-skin saviour. A blend of cannabidiol and hemp oil, it helps to calm and soothe whilst softening and hydrating skin. Adding a few drops of CBD to C-Caf will ensure your skin is kept calm throughout the day, whilst any encouraging the healing of any blemishes. A perfect combination for anyone who suffers from breakouts or stressed skin but craves the hydration and the radiance boosting benefits of C-Caf.


You might be asking where's our bestselling, retinol alternative, the Bakuchiol Booster? You could mix the Bakuchiol Booster with C-Caf, but we recommend using Bakuchiol as part of your evening ritual, and C-Caf as part of your morning routine. 



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