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BYBI Team Tips for Healthy Bright Skin

We’ve all done it. Getting lost in a google search hole of how to improve our skin is a millennial’s right of passage. Bright & healthy skin is in. Who wouldn’t want it? With Vit Cs, Es and As and oils, serums, scrubs, and moisturisers hitting the shelves and promising us that our skin will shine bright like a diamond. So what actually works? Which oils brighten skin? How do I brighten my skin tone? What ingredients do I need to use? How do I brighten my skin tone naturally? What vitamins brighten? Overwhelming right…

We wanted to simplify this for you and help you achieve your best, healthiest and brightest skin by sharing our top tips on what we think actually works.

For me, I love a Vit C serum I feel like it's made all the difference in my skin, especially having a darker complexion and living in a city with like, no sun lol” Hana, BYBI Intern. 

Ahhh Vit C, the industry buzzword and no.1 ingredient for healthy brighter skin! Vitamin C comes in more forms than the traditional orange these days. From moisturisers, face masks, oils & serums, it’s hard to know where to start.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that neutralises free radicals. Free radicals are made by our bodies when exposed to the likes of pollution and UV light. Adding Vit C to your regime can help to reduce this stress and lead to bright healthy skin. The super Vitamin can help tackle an array of worries. Fine lines, hyperpigmentation, dark circles, acne and acne scarring, Vit C has got your back. Keep your eyes peeled on next year.

Buriti mixed with SPF” Dominika, BYBI Co-Founder

On the topic of serums and fighting pollution, meet the Buriti Booster.
A day serum super-rich in vitamins A and E, that you can apply straight onto your skin or add a drop or two to your foundation, moisturiser or even spf with for the ultimate protection and brightening glow.
Pollution can be a big factor for dulling your skin, especially for us city lot, but Buriti’s powerful antioxidant properties work to defend against environmental stressors including pollution and UV. Vit A and E help to support the maintenance of healthy, happy skin and the natural source of beta-carotene fight against that damn free radical damage mentioned earlier on. Mix with your spf in the morning for super protection and super bright skin!


mooth and Soothe as a face mask” Elsie, BYBI Co-Founder

The key to bright skin is getting rid of those dead, clogged and dull skin cells that are taking away your shine. Scrub it away, right? Yes, but gently. Smooth & Soothe Scrub contains smooth jojoba beads that brush away that dead skin, without causing micro-tears to the skin’s surface that some scrubs can do! 

It doesn't end there. Smooth & Soothe's power is two-fold, not only is it great at gently unclogging pores, removing general grime and banishing problematic dead skin cells. The fruit acids from apple, lime and pineapple provide the chemical exfoliation and work to eat away at the “glue” that holds the dead cells together. This is why the scrub also makes an excellent face mask, massage into skin and leave on the face for 10 mins, then wash off and admire your clean, bright healthy glow.


4. SUPERCHARGE - “Supercharge mixed with foundation in the AM or Supercharge used as a dark spot corrector in the PM” - Saoirse, BYBI Senior Social Media Exec

Supercharge Serum is a powerhouse product when it comes to achieving healthy bright skin. A natural face oil, packed with (and we mean PACKED) 18 antioxidant-rich ingredients. Perfect for the day to feed your skin and give you an O.M.G glow with your makeup, or to use in the PM for overnight treatment and watch that dullness fade away, waking up with strong, bright skin. 


“Double cleansing - Crystal Clear, Swipe Clean, and Mega Mist all day every day” - Chloe, NPD Manager

Why cleanse once when you can do it twice! Double cleansing is the way forward and we are all obsessed. The whole reason behind double cleansing makes sense really. Firstly, we cleanse to breakdown and remove any makeup, oil, and dirt that might have built up during the day. Secondly, now our skin is clean we cleanse again to treat our skin and any concerns we may have.
Swipe Clean, our oil cleanser is perfect for the first cleanse. The combination of antibacterial oils helps to remove makeup and clean the face. Follow with Crystal Clear (Cleanse 2), the non-stripping, foaming gel cleanser and best mate to Swipe Clean. Made with prebiotics, Crystal Clear helps to cleanse, balance and clarify the skin’s microbiome.


Double cleanse in the AM, to remove any oils or sweat the body has produced overnight. It also helps to prep the skin beautifully before your makeup, helping your skin to look healthy and brighter. Double cleanse in the PM to remove the makeup, oil, dirt, and pollution again, helping skin appear squeaky clean and bright. We can’t shine bright with all that excess oil, dirt, and pollution, can we?!


So to summarise; for bright, healthy and glowy skin, double cleanse and mask that dirt away. Protect and shield with Buriti and SPF. Then, feed and treat your skin with Vits A & E found in Supercharge Serum and OG vitamin C.

Written by Isabel, BYBI Commerical Analyst