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Boots Haul: Sustainable Beauty Brands

This month BYBI is offering 30% of our range at Boots, in selected stores and online, an offer to tempt Susty Babes far and wide to run to the nearest Boots. And, whilst your there (virtually or online) why not take a mo to check out some of the other, pretty special sustainable beauty brands that Boots have to offer. All who share BYBI’s purpose and mission - to create better beauty, that is better for the planet. 


Souper Duper 

        Photo from Soaper Duper 


Featuring a range of delish smelling body products (Ginger & Eucalyptus anyone?!) Souper Douper believe soap has the power to everything! Their range of body washes, scrubs, lotions and butters contain zero nasties (SLS, SLEs, parabens) and are 100% vegan and naturally derived. What's more, they are available in BIG sizes that last, at competitive prices (£7.50 for a 450ml shower gel) in an effort to maximise consumption of one product, positively reducing the amount of shower gels we all get through. Their ‘bubble bottle’ (shown below) is made using 50% PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic, however last year this was 100% PCR. The drop is due to demand, they are unable to find enough recycled plastic to fulfil consumer demand - but are desperately looking! Their bottles are 100% recyclable including the pumps, which is pretty cool and something very few beauty brands have achieved until now. Since launching in October 2016, Souper Duper have recycled 22 tones of plastic and raised £150,000 for WaterAid, their affiliated charity. Pretty impressive right.


Photo from UpCircle 


At BYBI, we’re big fans of upcycling (reusing waste to create a product of higher quality than the original), so much so that upcycling forms the basis for two of our boosters - Strawberry and Blueberry, where we cold press seeds that are a by-product of the juicing industry. Upcircle are a brand who share our belief and utilise seriously cool waste products of the food and drinks industry in their range such as repurposed coffee grounds, residual chai spices and discarded olive stones. The result? Elevated skincare that’s better for you, and better for the planet.

Face Halo 

Born out of a busy girls dilemma of removing make up before bed, Face Halo is a quick, effective and incredibly satisfying way of revealing squeaky clean skin. Using only water the fibre strands trap and remove makeup for a deep clean and gentle exfoliation. Each Face Halo may be washed up to 200 times, and when it’s time for a new Face Halo they are easily recyclable and may be returned and upcycled. Already a cult-fave for professional makeup artists, it looks like Face Halos could be the next generation of makeup wipes - a hallelujah for sustainable beauty. With the average makeup wearer using up to 750 make up wipes per year, and each makeup wipe taking 100+ years to breakdown in landfill - Face Halo is an Angel sent from heaven, and one that’s landing in the Boots aisles.

Eco Tools

Photo from Eco Tools


Founded back in 2007, sisters Jen & Stacey were on a mission to shake-up the makeup world with an ambition to create tools that were high quality, affordable and environmentally friendly. 13 years later, Eco Tools are still going strong and are firmly a staple in many susty-babes makeup bags. Why? As well as being super soft, long lasting and durable, their brushes are sustainable as can be. They feature renewable, biodegradable bamboo handles- one of the most sustainable and ethical natural resources there is. As well Bamboo, Eco Tools use cruelty-free taklon brushes and recycled aluminium in their products. All brushes come with an Eco-Pouch which as well as being super handy to protect brushes in handbags, is derived mostly from natural materials mixed EVA (free from phthalates and PVC).


Photo from BECo 


Featuring a simple range of eco-friendly bottles and bars of soap at affordable price points, BECo uses vegan, hypoallergenic ingredients that are cruelty free. Committed to reducing water consumption, each bottle of 250ml hand wash saves 88L of water and lasts 2.5 times longer than the standard bottle of hand wash. The best part? Each bottle or bar of soap provides real jobs for people who are visually impaired, disabled or disadvantaged - with BECo providing 10,000 days of work for people with disabilities last year.

Burts Bees

The O.G of Lip Balms, Burts Bees has been using 100% natural ingredients to condition and hydrate lips since 1991. Since launching, Burts Bees have remained passionate about protecting bees, in efforts to help reverse the declining Bee population with their #BringBackTheBees campaign. In Spring ’19 for every limited edition lip balm sold, 5000 bee-friendly wildflowers were planted. More recently, they’ve partnered with Teracycle to launch two new (free!) recycling programmes for Burts Bees branded personal care.