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Back to school with Clean Hands

Back to school; but this time it's different. Whether you're at school or not, somehow September always feels like a mini reset, a new start, complete with fresh stationary. However, with this new school year, COVID has meant there's more of a focus on safety and hygiene, which can feel daunting at times. If you're thinking about sending off your little ones with a sanitizer, then meet Clean Hands

BYBI Clean Hands

The school-approved sanitizer that helps gives you peace of mind. It effectively reduces bacteria on the skin, without drying out your hands. Made with 65% alcohol, lavender, green tea and glycerin, it does the job but also leaves hands super soft. 

Here's why Clean Hands is especially great for kids; 

  • It's handy non-rinse spray formula makes it fun and safe for them to share. They can spritz for others as much as they like! 
  • A little goes a long way, they won't run out in a day. Clean Hands is a great travel size, perfect for book bags and pockets, but equally the misting function means it lasts. 
  • It's made with moisturising ingredients for soft, healthy skin. This was really important to us, we wanted to make a sanitizer that was different, that protects hands rather than leaving them ravaged and chapped
  • It smells like lavender, not vodka! 
  • Housed in playground-worthy recyclable pink bottle, it makes an essential, cute. 


Written by Hannah, Assistant Communications Manager