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5-Minute Super Easy Festival Glitter Makeup

Say hello to our favourite time of year: it's festival season! From Coachella to Glastonbury and everything in between, plus Wilderness and Bestival coming up this weekend, it's no wonder this summer has us all buzzing with excitement. Yet with so much to pack and so little time, how are we supposed to look great, party hard and try to be plastic-free all the same time?

Fear not: we've put together this super-easy, ultra-chic glitter look for you to try. It's super minimalist, brings out your cheekbones and lips, and all it takes is five minutes – win! Plus, it uses our all-time favourite Babe Balm, so at least you know you've can tick 'be eco-friendly' off your to-do list.

Read on to find out how to get the look.

Festival glitter looks with Babe Balm bestselling natural vegan cruelty free beauty balm

1. Grab your Babe Balm!

2. Swipe it in a 'C' shape across your cheekbones and outer edge of your brow, and brow bone.

3. Get glittering! Bonus tip: select a shade that complements your skin tone. Here, we chose a luminous, holographic silver glitter to match Aasha's cool tones.

4. Don't forget the brow bone. You can even mix different types of glitter to highlight different parts. Aasha's applying a square-cut, blue-pink holographic glitter to help her brow bone stand out a litle more.

5. Next: lips. Apply Babe Balm generously all over, trying to stand within the lines as much as possible (it'll make things so much easier!)

6. You know the drill – it's time to glitterify! Bonus tip: choose a shade of glitter according to your fave lipstick to really enhance it!

7. Top it all off with some space buns and you're officially festival-ready!