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3 of the best facial cleansing oils

Oil cleansers, why should you use one?

It may seem strange at first. "Why would I wash my face in oil?" But oil attracts oil. 
Meaning oil cleansers can melt makeup with ease, draw out dirt, grime and impurities from pores and thoroughly clean skin - all in a single cleanse. They work quickly, are easy to apply and also have additional skin benefits. Plus, putting oil onto oily skin won't make it oilier, we promise.

Here's 3 of the best natural cleansing oils, all of which are suitable for sensitive skin and can be found in Swipe Clean, our facial cleansing oil and makeup remover. 

Jojoba oil is unique in the fact that its composition mimics that of sebum. So because 'like attracts like', this makes it great at drawing out excess sebum from the skin and gives it both excellent cleansing and nourishing properties.

Papaya seed oil benefits the skin as it contains the enzyme papain, which helps to dissolve excess sebum and gently exfoliate dead skin cells. In turn, the exfoliation helps reduce scarring and pigmentation left behind from blemishes, whilst also leaving skin fresher, cleaner and brighter.

Olive oil is one of the most effective cleansing oils, and melts heavy eye makeup instantly so that it can be wiped away with ease. It also provides the skin with antioxidant protection and is a good source of vitamin E.

BYBI Beauty Swipe Clean

Swipe Clean is essential oil free, meaning it's great for removing eye makeup and those with sensitive skin. Plus, get FREE UK delivery with every single one. Read the reviews and more about how it works here.


Crystal Clear BYBI Beauty

For truly clarified and balanced skin, double cleanse with Crystal Clear, the foaming gel cleanser that looks after your skin's microbiome. Made with a blend of prebiotics and potent natural ingredients, such as white willow bark and sustainably sourced rock quartz crystal, will leave skin feeling fresh and clean with no stripping or irritation.