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Mother Nature Does It Best

When BYBI was founded, it wasn’t intended to be an all natural brand.. 

As co-founders, we wanted to make the best, most efficacious skincare possible that was also accessible, luxurious, and didn’t cause harm to the earth. It didn’t take us long to discover that the best ingredients ARE natural, and that plants are some of the most beneficial things you can put on your skin. 



We studied the formulas, we conducted the trials, but after countless searching, testing and skin mishaps, we found that natural ingredients gave us results like no other. For us, the goal was healthy skin, because when skin is healthy it’s glowing, balanced and happy. You know those days where your skin just feels good? We wanted to bottle that.

We decided to focus on using natural, plant-based ingredients that:

🌱 Provide skin essential vitamins & minerals

🌱 Help balance your skin’s natural microbiome

🌱 Combined in innovative formulations designed to optimise your skin’s health

We’re not here to bash synthetic ingredients or list out what isn’t in our products. Instead, we shout about what IS in our products because that’s what makes them great 😎

But natural doesn’t always mean sustainable.

By using natural ingredients, we’re drawing on the Earth’s resources. The beauty industry is also guilty of glamourising rare and exotic  ingredients sourced from far away, when in fact those very ingredients can have the largest environmental impact.

Reducing carbon emissions is one of our top priorities, and our goal is to be carbon negative by 2025. We therefore scrutinise the ingredients that we choose to include in every BYBI product, ensuring it delivers great skincare benefits with minimal impact to the planet.

When we source ingredients, we source as close to home as possible in order to cut down on transportation emissions. Ingredients are chosen based on location, their supplier’s harvesting model (we like low energy, obvi) and if we can get it upcycled or not. We love using upcycled ingredients from the juice industry that would otherwise be thrown away—it saves waste, and provides some of the most nourishing, softening magic we’ve ever seen.

We use low waste production methods meaning we formulate in-house, or prioritise third-party factories that use green energy, electric vehicles, and great low-waste management protocols.

Finally, when we package BYBI we take into account the material's afterlife (less to landfill = less greenhouse gas emissions), as well as their carbon footprint. That’s why our products are packaged in glass, and our favorite bioplastic made from sugarcane that’s 100% recyclable. 

We believe your skin deserves the best, as does our planet. Natural, plant based ingredients can give us the healthy happy skin we want but we also have to give back to Mother Earth and nuture her as she nurtures us. We're always looking for how we can improve our formulas both for you and for our Earth. 

Have a thought? DM or tag us @bybibeauty. We'd love to hear from you.

–– Dominika & Elsie, BYBI co-creators, @bybifounders