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How blue light affects your skin

Are you also in front of your screen day in day out? And do you also feel that your screen time has increased since lockdown started? Urgh. We totally get you, Being in your most comfy jumper in front of the screen at home is great during autumn, BUT did you know that increased screen time can have a negative impact on your skin? AND that digital equipment and the sun expose you this damaging fella called blue light? SHOCKING! We know. But fear not. We got all the info you need about blue light and just how to protect your skin against it. 

What is blue light?

Blue light has always existed and has previously mainly been a concern due to the blue light exposure from the sun. Blue light is within the visible light spectrum - but the sun isn’t the only enemy. Blue light is also being radiated from digital devices like laptops, computer screens and your mobile phone, which increases the exposure to blue light due to our increased use of these.

Why you want to cut down on blue light

Blue light is essential for our natural sleep pattern and has an important function for our circadian rhythm - also known as our sleep-wake pattern. Being exposed to blue light late in the evening can however have a negative effect on your sleep (which isn’t that great for your skin either). One reason you might not be able to fall asleep, blue light is to blame.

Blue light isn’t only affecting your skin due to the lack of sleep - blue light also directly contributes negatively to your skin health. Blue light is suggested to have an impact on hyperpigmentation and brown spots on the skin and - like that ain’t enough hun - it also breaks down collagen, speeding up the ageing process. It’s a heck no from us, chicas!

Top tip: Change the hue on your phone

Our last tip is to adjust the hue on your phone and laptops ahead of a long workday. You can on most devices turn down the coolness, minimising your exposure to blue light. Don’t worry it only impacts the view of your screen, so all your babe selfies and (of course) images of our Booster will look just stunning.

How to protect the skin

Our Blueberry Booster has 3 major skin benefits; Protecting, nourishing and repairing.

Our Blueberry Booster is a daily defence against blue light skin damage from phones, laptops and the sun. Blueberry Booster helps absorb and disperse blue light and in the meanwhile nourish and strengthen skin. 

Oleic fatty acids in blueberry oil locks in moisture whilst providing the skin with nourishment. Blueberry Booster makes your skin feel smooth, soft and hydrated. It’s a woo-woo from us!

Beta-carotenes in blueberry seed oil converts to Pro-vitamin A - which helps improve condition and surface of the skin, helping to revert hyperpigmentation and weakened texture caused by Blue light and other external factors.

Like it ain’t a superhero already, Blueberry Booster is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding - for all ya busy (soon-to-be) mamas and superwomen out there!

Susty fact: We LOVE upcycled ingredients at BYBI and our Blueberry Booster is another great one. The Blueberry seed oil in our Blueberry Booster is a by-product from the juicing industry and is normally a product that goes to waste. Not for us - we’ve adopted this great oil and saved It from getting wasted. 

Note: Blueberry Booster protects against blue light from the sun, not UVA/UVB radiation. To protect against sun damage, we recommend using an SPF moisturiser like Day Defence. 

Tip: You can mix our Blueberry Booster with your day and night cream, or use alone on the skin. Use before applying SPF and wait a few minutes until absorbed before applying a sun filter on top. 

Already loving our Blueberry Booster? They are great on their own but better as a pair.  Check out the rest of the Booster range here - and add a regenerating, calming or softening booster to your skincare routine.

Written by Karoline, Graphic Designer