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Smooth Skin Set
With A Linen Headband

$21.00 ($23.00 value)

The Smooth Skin Set is everything you need for soft, cleansed, and smooth skin.

Cleanse skin and boost hydration, all whilst keeping your hair neatly out of your face with our limited-edition linen headband.

Get the Smooth Skin Kit for only $21 ($23 value)

This set contains: 

 Milk Melt: Gentle cleanser with calming oat milk to effectively melt away dirt, grime, and make up for clear, nourished, and smooth skin. Probiotic coconut yogurt balances skin, helping to soothe redness whilst protective vitamin E promotes skin health and radiance. Skin is left thoroughly cleansed, supple, and restored.

● Strawberry Booster: 100% cold-pressed strawberry seed oil is the antioxidant-rich hydrating serum that's perfect for flakey, irritated, or dry skin. Our strawberry seed oil is a by-product of the juicing industry and uses seeds that would otherwise be thrown away to moisturize your skin.

● BYBI Headband: Keep your hair out of your face masks, scrubs, serums, and oils. Or just wear it every day. It works both ways. Made from linen, it’s comfy and elasticated to fit all head sizes.

Natural ● Vegan ● Cruelty-Free ● Carbon Neutral

Cleansing • Balancing • Softening

Moisturising • Repairing • Fast Absorbing

Don your Linen Headband to keep your hair out of your face. 

Massage a pea-sized amount of Milk Melt into damp skin. Allow to lather before thoroughly rinsing with warm water. 

Mix 2-3 drops of Strawberry Booster into your moisturiser or simply apply a few drops to your face after cleansing.

Milk Melt is made to nourish and moisturise the skin on your face and neck and is also gentle enough to clease the eye area. Strawberry Booster was created for use on face and neck.

The Smooth Skin Set is perfect for morning and evening.  

We always recommend patch testing before use.

Sensitive skin • Soothing • Moisturising • Softening • Hydrating

Remove tube from carton. Carton is 100% recyclable so can be disposed of in your domestic recycling.

Cap and tube are both 100% recyclable in domestic recycling. Please follow these steps:
1) Separate cap and tube
2) With scissors, cut the top the tube
3) Rinse out all of the contents of the tube and cap
4) Put into recycling bin

*Please note: the sugarcane material is a PE material and so can be recycled alongside fossil fuel plastic.

The best part of each BYBI product are our high quality, efficacious ingredients. We strike a delicate balance when choosing the ingredients that go into our products; first and foremost they must deliver stellar skin benefits but equally this must not come at a cost to our planet. See each product for its own sustainably ingredients.