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Why you need a night treatment

Sleep is one of the biggest secrets to healthy looking, plumped and glowing skin. In fact, a lack of sleep is not only bad for mental health, it’s also one of the worst skincare “sins” there is (up there with cleansing wipes...) resulting in dull, sallow and uneven complexions. Why? Just like your body, skin cells follow a 24hour biological clock known as a circadian rhythm. As we sleep, our skin cell turnover is stimulated and collagen is restored- essential for bouncy, youthful looking skin. A lack of sleep directly impacts collagen production, meaning the more sleep you get, the better your skin will look (AND feel!) the next day.

So how do you make the most out of your much needed beauty sleep? Firstly, prioritise getting a full eight hours, and winding down properly before… step away from the phone. Secondly, apply a rich, moisturising treatment, like a night cream or overnight treatment, that acts like a protective layer before you sleep. This will not only help to seal in benefits of initial serums and oils, but also deeply hydrate and replenish, helping your skin to look radiant and refreshed upon wakening. AKA the literal dream.

 Whilst you sleep, skin becomes more permeable which means nutrients & actives may penetrate more deeply for maximum benefits. Therefore, it is essential to choose a night treatment that is loaded (and we mean LOADED), with high-potency actives for optimal results. Our new night cream, Night Nutrition literally feeds your skin with nutrient dense actives, such as broccoli and raspberry seed oils to deeply hydrate and condition skin overnight. Combining brightening anti-oxidants with a powerful kale, carrot and lemon protein blend, means the skin's lipid barrier is strengthened whilst cell repair is stimulated for strong and healthy looking skin. Think of it like a night time smoothie for your face – the perfect night cap.


Whilst more permeable skin allows more nutrients in, it also means moisture can escape- a process known as trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), which causes skin to feel dehydrated and dry upon wakening, a bit like when you get off a long-haul flight. Ensuring you deeply hydrate skin overnight is essential to plumped, supple skin and using ceramide rich ingredients, like oat kernel oil, will help lock in moisture and protect against water loss for smooth, dewy looking skin.

Every day your skin faces a battle against skin damage; it fights UV rays, pollution, blue-light, AC (and much more!) which is WHY your skin really needs a little TLC in the PM. You’ve gotta put in the work to make you skin is protected and can defend itself for the next day, and then the cycle continues…

Applying Night Nutrition before bed provides the nourishment and replenishment your skin cells need as you sleep. The velvety texture may be layered generously to work as an overnight sleep treatment, sinking in whilst you snooze for skin that’s plumped, hydrated with a ready to-go glow in the morning. If you don’t snooze you literally lose. Time to switch off and layer up on Night Nutrition


Written by Chloe, BYBI NPD Manager