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Why oils are great for oily skin

Auriane of @azaflynn shares why oil cleansers and facial oils are great for oily skin and can even help with acne. Plus, why the Bakuchiol Booster is her new "miracle" product. 

Fraternise with the enemy

As long as I can remember, my skin had always been oily on my forehead, nose and other areas. Before discovering setting powder, I was really annoyed by this fact and as a remnant from this period, I still can't tell the difference between a healthy glow and just my oily forehead.

I don't wear a lot of makeup, but until recently I couldn't imagine not using a hint of powder in the morning to prevent any undesired glow.

To think about applying oil on an oily skin was something crazy back in the days for me.

I personally started my journey into skincare with Korean products. Since the beginning I was interested by double cleansing and I perceived this method to be the holy grail to cure any skin problem. Even if I've corrected my view on this point, I still use an oil-based cleanser first before a water-based one.

I've tried various first-step cleansers, oil, balm and even milk. Both oil and balm cleansers can be massaged gently for several minutes and I really like the first step of my evening routine to be as relaxing as it can be. I also find that it helps a bit with blackheads, and I have such a satisfying time trying to erase them from my nose (still a dream). 

The next product on my list is the Swipe Clean by BYBI. It’s been a while since I’ve used an oil cleanser and not a balm. It's a nice cleansing oil, a bit thicker than the ones I've previously tried. It has a faint almond scent (from the plum kernel oil!)  and can be spread across your face with ease. I use a generous amount as I like to massage my face before my nightly routine. I especially like how it removes dirt and can even remove my blackheads - such a satisfying moment! Then I add water to emulsify the oil. I find it a bit difficult to remove without having the feeling that it leaves an oil film on my face. Thankfully, using a second water-based cleanser removes this feeling (and maybe the residue). Swipe Clean's packaging is completely recyclable, a major plus in the current skincare world.

BYBI Beauty Swipe Clean Facial Cleansing Oil and Makeup Remover


But the main purpose of (oil) cleansers is to remove them (along with all the dirt and impurities). So because it’s the first step, all the cleansing product has essentially gone by the end of your routine.

Now, to think about applying a face oil as a way to treat other oily skin issues was a bit strange. After having watched a video by the wonderful Liah Yoo on how to remove hyperpigmentation spots, I started to look into the skincare world. There are many different oils that have useful properties.

I tried rosehip oil, loved it then found it a bit too heavy for my combo skin. Then I switched to Disciple Skin and their travel set composed of oils with dreamy names and good promises (to cure acne for example). Did they truly work or not? I’m not sure, but I want to believe oils can help target specific skin needs.

oil cleansers for oily skin

I moved onto other oils. I loved them. Hated them. But my prime memory of what makes a face oil tempting will still be the stunning colours of the Herbivore oil in their glass bottle. For me, the blue tansy oil was the epitome of the finest face oil. I tried blue tansy oil mixed with other promising oils and, yes, it might have helped a bit with acne (but won’t have a miraculous effect on cystic acne).

Recently I stopped using moisturiser to see how my skin reacts to such treatment. I relied heavily on a face oil to trap the hydrating serum and improve the penetration into my skin. And I still believe the skin needs a balance between hydration from water-based products and moisture from oil products. 

My new holy grail product is the 1% Bakuchiol + Olive Squalane from BYBI! Before, I swore that Vitamin C was the solution to my hyperpigmentation and hormonal acne issues. Now that I’ve discovered the Bakuchiol Booster, I know it always will be a staple in my skincare stash. Gentle, yet effective without the side-effects of other active ingredients (like retinol), it calms my skin during the night, leaving my pimples less inflamed and my spots less visible. Packed with squalane, this booster provides enough hydration for my combination skin. My skin thanks the BYBI family for this little miracle.

BYBI Beauty Bakuchiol Booster


- Auriane of @azaflynn

Swipe Clean & the Bakuchiol Booster were #giftedbyBYBI.