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Why Holistic Skincare Matters

Your skin health is more than what you see on the outside. You may know that your skin is the largest organ of the human body; therefore, it needs all the love and care you give your other organs. That is, skincare products won’t always solve your problems. Proper health starts on the inside, and it shows up on the outside. Breaking out? Stress or menstruation might be the culprit. When blemishes or even rashes show up, that usually means your body is trying to send you a message. And it’s about time we started listening.

When targeting skin concerns, we choose to approach them using the holistic skincare method, an ancient practice that recognizes the big picture beyond cleansers and moisturizers. It takes into account the lifestyle choices that energetically impact the health of your mind, body, and soul, and tangentially, the skin you’re in. Holistic skincare seeks to bring equilibrium between lifestyle, health, and spirituality and effectively relieve the skin of any and all “problems”—starting from within.

Here’s a basic checklist for all-inclusive skin health—that goes beyond your beauty products. 

Eat a balanced, microbiome supportive diet

Enriching your diet with antioxidants, probiotics, and phytonutrients help support a healthy, balanced gut, that, in turn, is responsible for a healthy microbiome. Opting for local, organic, farm-grown fruits and veggies provides your body with essential vitamins and minerals that improve digestion and skin health over time and even assist in hormonal imbalances. Fruits and vegetables with high water content (like cucumbers, celery, or watermelon, for example) can even help aid your body in its hydration habits! Finally, the most important thing of all—water. Proper hydration ensures your organs can function properly, especially your liver and kidneys. Flushing your system with enough water is essential to holistic skincare.

Move your body, daily

A good sweat can go a long way. Your body has its own natural way of detoxifying—sweat! Even low-impact exercise like walking, gardening, or yoga can help get things moving inside your body and promote your natural detoxifying system.

Find rituals to curb stress

Stress manifests in a lot of different ways, but can typically show up as blemishes on your face. Lack of sleep due to stress can be a major detriment to your overall body health, and manifest as acne, or even rashes all over your body! Finding a stress management ritual is vital to your skin health. Whether it’s everyday scheduled quiet time, meditation, journaling, or something similar, try to develop a way to cool down and spend some time with you and only you.

Spend time in nature

Exposing your skin to plants and the incredible natural world around you helps it adapt to your environment, and good, long deep breaths of fresh air are scientifically proven to help improve mood and unload stress. Spending time in nature can be as simple as going for a walk around your neighborhood

Prioritize sleep

Finding (and maintaining) a sleep schedule is the best way to reduce dark circles—and even acne, texture, and more. Sleep is integral to a regular functioning body; you need rest! When you sleep, your cells have a chance to recover, regenerate and restore themselves so they can properly function. We like to get out 8 hours or more every night, even if that means turning down plans or leaving early. 

Use nutrient rich skincare, regularly

Here’s where the topical stuff comes in. Notice how we didn’t say products? Supporting your microbiome topically can be as simple as using herbs and pantry products—such as chamomile, aloe, olive oil, and honey. Raw, untreated herbs and plants can be some of the best ways to repair, soothe, and treat the skin. Those ingredients that are great on you are also great in you—see above, in Beauty Food.

We were founded on the principles of holistic skincare—that’s why our products are made with juicy plants that are microbiome friendly to the core. But good skincare is more than just products. We hope this guide is helpful in your journey towards healthy, balanced, happy skin.