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To Our Future New Friends In The States: Welcome!

Today is a momentous day for us: we officially launch BYBI across the pond in the US, working with local fulfillment partners to be able to offer fast delivery and competitive rates across the whole of the USA. Up until now you’ve been able to purchase from our site but using our international rates which, we admit, have been expensive (more on that below). From today, our US customers can easily access their favourite BYBI across all 50 states, directly from



Why the US?
You guys, our BYBI community, are pretty vocal with us when you want something. You help us shape new products, inspire us, push us, challenge us and generally make sure your feedback is heard, which we love. So we couldn’t ignore the fact that every time we launched a new product our inboxes, DMs and comments were flooded with messages of a very similar sentiment - “when can I get this in the US??!”. 
BYBI texts requesting to be in US


Why has it taken us so long?
As our international gang will be well aware, our global shipping rates are not the cheapest. There is a very good reason for this - our only warehouse up until now has been in the UK, meaning that every individual international order must be dispatched from the UK. Not only is this costly for us as a small business, but there is also a huge a carbon footprint attached to air freighting multiple parcels across the world. We’d much rather point you to your nearest local BYBI retail partner, who receive our products in bulk shipments by sea.
It takes time to set up local warehousing and we wanted to make sure there was clear demand before we embarked on the process. 


What are we most excited about?
The two of us have spent a lot of time in the US in the run up to our launch and there are many things we love; chocolate covered pretzels from Trader Joe’s, the size of cups of coffee, mooching around Target, brunch at The Butcher’s Daughter...but what we love most is getting the chance to meet so many fellow beauty junkies who are as passionate about great skincare as we are.
From events with our amazing retail partner Credo to meeting the US press, what’s always clear to us is that you guys really know your skincare and are equally as vocal about making conscious choices that positively impact your planet. We know that you’re going to be as loyal as our OG UK customers who have got us where we are today!
Dominika Minarovic & Elsie Rutterford, BYBI Beauty Co-Founders launch in US from London
Written by Elsie & Dominika, BYBI Founders