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The Pregnancy Skincare Edit

Both Dominika and I, the co-founders of BYBI, are expecting our first babies in the next few weeks and wanted to share some tips and tricks on how we’ve navigated all things skincare in pregnancy. It can be a daunting time for many mums to be as you’re suddenly face with a seemingly endless list of things you can’t do/eat/buy/use (saying farewell to red wine and camembert was a particularly challenging one for me) with your skincare being no exception; there are many ingredients that are off the cards during pregnancy but finding info on these can be tricky. That coupled with the fact that your skin can have the tendency to go a bit bonkers depending on the type of pregnancy you have, a change in hormones can wreak pure havoc and it’s not all rosy glows for everyone. Extreme dryness, pigmentation and acne are all common prenatal complaints.

We’ve put together a guide on how we’ve both managed our pregnancy skincare routines during pregnancy. 

A note to say that this is a personal account and not the advice of qualified medical practitioners - if you have any queries or concerns about your own or your baby’s skin please seek the advice of your GP. 


Dealing with dry skin

Dominika - I found that my skin just got really, really dry during my first trimester and as my pregnancy has gone on, this has only got worse as the weather has become colder and I’ve been indoors with the heating on. The great news for any pre/post-natal dry skin sufferers is we’ve got a whole range just for you! Anything in a bright pink bottle is in our Soften category - a range designed to help hydrate and repair dry, dehydrated, irritated or sensitive skin. 

I’ve been focused on layering our most softening products to help seal in moisture; I’ll cleanse with our oat milk cleanser Milk Melt (the oats are really soothing), then follow up with our hyaluronic acid face mist Mega Mist which I spray onto my skin when it’s still damp as this helps the hyaluronic acid attract and hold onto moisture. I’ll then follow up with a thick layer of Night Nutrition and seal it all in with a few drops of Strawberry Booster. I do this every evening, it’s a thick and rich routine so needs time to absorb overnight but I find my skin is noticeably softer when I wake up.

Faking the pregnancy glow

Elsie - I feel like I’ve spent my pregnancy waiting for the infamous glow to kick in. Whilst many women find that they do have a radiance that they didn’t have pre-pregnancy, there are some of us unlucky ones where this just isn’t the case. I’ve actually found that my skin looks duller and the fact that I don’t sleep as well now means I look tired and washed out. So I’ve been all about the products that will help brighten and luminate - these products at BYBI all sit within our Brighten category and are housed in bright green packaging. I’ve been using a combination of C-Caf Cream that has vitamin C and caffeine to energise the skin and Bright Eyed to help with the dark circles - it contains light-reflecting mica that helps brighten up that under eye area. I use both in the morning before applying my SPF (Day Defence) and makeup.

If I’m looking for some instant luminosity for an important Zoom, I spritz Mega Mist on top of makeup for a soft, dewy finish and finish with a dab Babe Balm Bronze onto my lids/cheeks/down the bridge of my nose, this not only highlights but nourishes my dull skin throughout the day.

Looking after your baby body

Both of us have found that we’re thinking about the skin on our body now more than ever, given that this is where most of the changes are happening! Stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, all kicks off when you’re pregnant. 

Babe Balm is an amazing belly rub and with coenzyme Q10 it’s got a great protein content to help prevent stretch marks while keeping the skin supple. Adding oils to your bath are also a great way to keep the whole body moisturised whilst also enjoying some relaxation, a pipette of Strawberry Booster into a warm bath works a treat. While you’re there, perhaps a less conventional way of using a cleanser but lovely all the same, a quick squeeze of Milk Melt into the bath turns the water to a creamy milk and is super softening. 

Regular coffee scrubs and dry brushing areas of increased cellulite to banish dead skin cells are also a great habit to get into and just generally help you to feel soft from head to toe.


Which BYBI are great to use during pregnancy?

As well as the products mentioned above, we have a load of gentle, pregnancy-safe products that you’ll still see great results from. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Babe Balm - probably the ultimate pregnancy favourite and the first thing on our present list for any new mums. Babe Balm is a nourishing balm that gets to work on dry patches and redness all over the body
  • Bakuchiol Booster - our bestselling booster is perfect for mums-to-be that have dropped the retinol as a result of pregnancy. With collagen boosting benefits that help firm and plump, it’s safe to use every day during pregnancy
  • Blueberry Booster - that screentime has no doubt increased to keep you entertained during the 3am feeds, Blueberry Booster protects against blue light that is emitted from your phone/laptop.
  • Eye Plump - it’s fairly safe to assume that a good night’s sleep will be a thing of the past. Eye Plump restores the eye contour with bakuchiol and hyaluronic acid so will help with bags, fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Night Nutrition - a rich, overnight cream that rebuilds your skin whilst you sleep.
  • Swipe Clean oil cleanser - this is an indulgent makeup remover and cleanser and will not only shift stubborn mascara and foundation but also leaves skin feeling nice and supple.

Which BYBI products should I steer clear of?

All BYBI products are formulated to be generally very safe and gentle, but some do contain essential oils. Essential oils are powerful natural ingredients and as well as being used in skincare, have a number of more holistic side effects to consider. Many have been linked to altering your mood or even more physical side effects such as stimulating labour. The advice surrounding the use of essential oils in pregnancy is widespread and hugely varies, so whilst many claim that there are a number of safe to use EOs during pregnancy, we always advise consulting your GP before you use any BYBI products that have them in.

  • Acid Gold face mask - contains lime, orange and bergamot essential oils.
  • Buffer lip scrub - contains cinnamon essential oil.
  • CBD Booster - doesn’t contain any essential oils but is a fairly new ingredient to the skincare market and whilst it has been proven to be completely safe (and obviously legal), there hasn’t been enough research into its effects (if any) during pregnancy or for babies. We therefore say best to skip until we know more.
  • Clean Hands - contains lavender essential oil. Generally speaking lavender is one of the gentler essential oils and is often encouraged to use during pregnancy for its calming benefits, however it’s always worth checking with your GP if you feel unsure.
  • Plumper lip balm - contains peppermint and chilli essential oils.
  • Supercharge Serum - contains jasmine and lemongrass essential oils.

And what about the BYBies

Your little ones can defs enjoy BYBI too! Babe Balm makes for a wonderful nappy cream or treatment for dry patches on little arms and legs, whilst a few drops of Strawberry Booster are ideal to treat them to a pampering baby massage (always check for any known allergies your baby suffers before applying and if unclear, consult your GP).

Written by Elsie, BYBI Co-Founder