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The full deal with Carbon Credits and why we’re buying them.

At BYBI we want our products to be accessible to everyone, BUT at no extra cost to the Earth. When we ship internationally our packages emit carbon dioxide into the air, AKA harming the planet and contributing to climate change. Not cool. 

We want to avoid releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at ALL costs, and so we're buying carbon credits to offset the carbon we emit shipping our BYBI packages internationally; we're replacing the resources we’ve spent.

*CO2 emitted from all airfreight on international orders made on will be offset at no extra cost to our BYBI international customers.

HOW are you doing this and WHAT even are carbon credits?

We calculated exactly how much carbon is released from BYBI packages based on their weight. Knowing this we were able to calculate how much carbon is emitted shipping BYBI packages to each country in the world. We work out the total carbon emitted from flying packages internationally, and buy the equivalent in carbon credits. 

Carbon credits enable us to invest in projects in mostly developing countries that either absorb carbon from the atmosphere (planting trees for example), OR prevent excessive carbon dioxide being released, by implementing energy efficient practices where a lot of carbon dioxide is currently being released (swapping coal cooking stoves for eco alternatives).

Anyone can buy carbon credits to offset their emissions. They can be bought from trusted suppliers (we buy from South Pole in Switzerland). South Pole are leaders in international emission reduction projects and work with over 1000 organisations around the world.

Projects include:

  • Forest conservation and restoration 
  • Renewable energy (e.g windfarms)
  • Community energy and water projects (e.g hydro plants)
  • Waste-to-energy (e.g landfill gas capture and biomass)

These projects not only seek environmental benefits, but their social efforts have positively impacted over 20 million lives. As well as offsetting emissions, South Pole supports more sustainable forms of growth and a range of projects beyond environmental protection, promoting the independence and wellbeing of these communities.

We’re buying carbon credits that support a reforestation project in Zimbabwe to offset international flight shipping.

BYBI is working directly with Kariba Forest Protection organisation in Zimbabwe. 18 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions have been prevented from being released into the atmosphere since its launch in 2011, as 785,000 hectares has been prevented from deforestation and land degradation. Major.

The Kariba Forest Protection project protects 785,000 hectares of forests and wildlife, near the Zambia border, by connecting four national parks and eight safari reserves, forming a giant biodiversity corridor that protects an expansive forest and numerous vulnerable and endangered species.

We’re doing all we can to reduce our emissions as a company overall, but this is a longer-term project and we want to do something that will have an impact straight away.  We’ll offset every international order according to the calculated amount of emissions each delivery creates.

If you'd like to find out even more here's South Pole's website: