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Skin Positive, Pro-Planet Beauty

We’re super excited to have launched our first ever brand campaign; Skin Positive, Pro-Planet Beauty. Here’s a little more on the inspiration behind the campaign from our co-founder Elsie.

Skin Positive

We’ve grown tired of endless images of seemingly smooth, even and perfectly contoured complexions presented to us as perfect skin. In the day and age of showing real bodies, of recognising what’s insta vs real life, we can’t help but wonder - where is the real skin? It’s about time we did away with the beauty industry’s outdated ideals of “perfect skin” and celebrated all types of complexions. So we’ve made it our mission as a brand to help you, our community, feel positive about your skin, and this starts with showing unedited and unretouched skin in our first ever brand campaign. With a face full of BYBI and not much else, our models look bloody great! No filters, no clever lighting and angles. JUST REAL EFFING SKIN IN ALL ITS GLORY. Because why should an industry have the power to dictate the definition of  “perfection”? We’re here to spread skin positive vibes by recognising beauty in and embracing all skin; wrinkles, scars, breakouts, texture and all. By normalising real skin, we hope to help you give less of a damn about “imperfections” and respect your skin - every inch of it!  

When we asked you guys what ‘skin positive’ meant to you, the response was AMAZING! It made us so happy to learn that for the majority of you guys, 'skin positivity' isn't about changing the appearance of your skin, it's about changing the way you see your skin. We should be celebrating what the beauty industry usually portrays as imperfections. Yup, you'll have down days and sometimes you'll wish that your cystic spot would just do one, but more importantly it's about giving less of a f*ck and embracing your skin for what it is - breakouts, scars, texture and all. 

Our approach to formulating products has always been about optimising skin health and delivering skincare that targets your overall skin wellness, for glowing results. If you want products that help smooth out wrinkles or ease a recent breakout then we respect that that’s your choice and have products for you. But equally if you love your lines and instead just want your skin at its healthiest, then you can count on us. 


Call us sustainable, eco-friendly, environmentally conscious, climate us they all mean the same thing - that we’re pro the planet we live on and are doing our best to create products that have minimal impact on mother nature. Pro-planet means doing our research, understanding the facts, and making business decisions based on what we know today and what we believe has the biggest climate upside. We’re not perfect and can’t promise that we’ll always get it right, but we can promise to be transparent about our journey with you as we go.

Written by Elsie, BYBI Co-Founder