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How To Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

It's that time of the year again, when boots are swapped in favour of sandals, normally deserted parks are overtaken by swarms of half-dressed Londoners eager for their share of sun, and everyone starts talking bikinis and SPF and spray tans. That's right, BYBI Babes: it's nearly summer time!

As much as it's exciting to see warmer weather make an appearance (at last!), we can't forget to up our skincare game to suit. All's fair in love and tanning, but we can't deny that sun spots, premature ageing, and skin cancer sound, er, pretty nasty. No surprise then, why doctors and beauty editors alike spend this time of year harping on about how to protect our skin from harmful UV. Plus, it's Skin Cancer Awareness Month, making this issue all the more important. Let's all get wised up now so we can get on with enjoying the lovely sunshine – worry-free!

Read on to discover four easy tricks to protecting your skin from sun damage.

{ Double up }

Everyone knows that a high SPF is crucial to ensuring that you're well protected, but what about your makeup? Go the extra mile by using foundation or primer with SPF, to make sure you're well and truly shielded from UV rays when you're out and about. Try to pick one that provides both UVA and UVB protection – it'll not only keep you from burning, but also block rays that cause skin cancer.

{ Hats on }

A big hat + SPF will forever remain the power couple of sun protection methods. It's a foolproof, effective way to shield your face and keep you cool. (Bonus points for being ultra stylish too!) We love this 100% natural straw hat by ASOS, it has adjusters on the inside so you can be sure it'll fit snugly throughout the day.

{ Calm it }

Prevention is better than cure, but we're all forgetful creatures, and so the occasional sunburn incident is a given. Fast forward the healing process with a soothing oatmeal soak: simply add about two cups of uncooked oatmeal into a warm bath. Oatmeal has natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help to alleviate the burn, calm redness, and encourage repair of your skin's natural barrier.

{ Rehydrate }

The sun can be extremely drying, causing your skin to lose moisture and oil essential to keeping your skin plump and youthful. Top up your tank with our hydrating Mega Mist – it's got three different floral waters, and a bucketload of hyaluronic acid that instantly quenches skin. Then moisturise with Babe Balm, our multipurpose balm with Coenzyme-Q10 to soften and shea butter to lock hydration in.