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How to clear skin that's feeling congested

We’ve found the best products and ingredients to ease congested skin, to help tackle the symptoms and leave your skin clear and balanced.

What the skin feel is:

When your skin just feels… bleurgh (approved scientific terminology). Your skin feels congested, blocked and your pores are clogged - you feel like you just want to deep clean it of its congestion and strip it (but hang on in there, be gentle, that’s not really the best thing for it). You may have blackheads, some redness, millia (a build-up of keratin under the skin surface that looks like lots of small bumps), shininess or oiliness, or pores looking larger than normal. 

The cause of this can be a huge array of things; have you had a boozy night and not quite taken your makeup off properly? Has Auntie Flo come to visit? Is the skincare you use too comedogenic? Or are you simply just not quite cleaning your face effectively enough? The trick with skin congestion is to clean well but not harshly, using gentle non-stripping cleansers. Ensure that the skin is well moisturised using lighter, drier oils such as squalane and hemp seed oil (found in our Boosters), as otherwise, it may be at risk of over-production of sebum to compensate, which can lead to blocked pores and congestion. CBD and Bakuchiol are two active compounds that have been found to help reduce the prevalence of blemishes, and so will stop the formation of spots due to congestion.

BYBI products that help ease congestion, leaving skin clear and balanced:

Swipe Clean - a facial cleansing oil and makeup remover that gently yet effectively cleanses skin without stripping it.


CBD Booster - seriously effective at highly calming and soothing, inflamed, blemish-prone skin.

CBD Booster BYBI Beauty


Bakuchiol Booster - a natural and vegan alternative to retinol that stimulates collagen production and improves skin texture. 

Bakuchiol Booster BYBI Beauty



Ingredients that help and why they are great for congested skin:

  • Papaya seed oil - contains the enzyme papain which helps to combat congested skin by dissolving excess sebum and gently exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving the skin fresh, cleaner and brighter. Found in Swipe Clean.
  • Cannabidiol - is a cannabinoid (non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant) that initial studies have shown is a part of the endocannabinoid system within the body. It is thought that cannabidiol has a role to play in reducing redness, increasing moisturisation and reducing sebum production, giving it excellent soothing, calming and balancing properties, without congesting the skin. Found in CBD Booster
  • Bakuchiol - is the only natural and vegan vitamin A (retinol) alternative. It is proven through multiple clinical studies, to reduce skin roughness and dryness, improve skin tone, elasticity, firmness, radiance and brightness. It's also been proven to be effective at preventing blemishes. Found in Bakuchiol Booster

Build your own BYBI Bundle with Swipe Clean, CBD Booster and Bakuchiol Booster, get a free eco pouch and save 14%.