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How to 'Boost' with Hannah B

Our bestselling Booster range doesn't just target spots, stimulate collagen production and soothe flakey skin. At £12 each they're a great pick-me-up, 'miss you', Happy Birthday from afar, just want a treat, boost.

Watch how Hannah B, our Assistant Communication Manager, pairs the CBD Booster with Strawberry Booster for a calming and moisturising blend.

"Last week I over-exfoliated my skin (massively). It was so sore, congested, irritated and flakey. I stripped my routine right back and returned to using my two favourites; CBD & Strawberry. Here's before and after pics, taken 5 days apart. The combination of calming CBD and moisturising Strawberry has really helped transform my skin quickly." 

BYBI Beauty Before and After

Strawberry Booster = 100% cold-pressed strawberry seed oil. It's perfect for dry, flaky or irritated skin. Use day or night to supplement your existing skincare products, it absorbs quickly to boost moisture levels and soften sensitive skin.

CBD Booster = 100mg of cannabidiol in hemp oil, ideal for blemish-prone, red or stressed-out skin. USe day or night to supplement your existing skincare products, it helps to soothe redness and reduce breakouts.