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@gracerosebeauty reviews Smooth & Soothe Scrub

A quick bit of background on my relationship with exfoliants - I am a huge fan of exfoliation for the skin.

Yet, someone once told me the physical exfoliants were too ‘harsh’ and never to use them, so I stopped. So, I bought a glycolic acid toner and used it twice a day, every day. This worked for a while, my skin was brighter than ever…but soon it was chronically dehydrated. Since recovering from its dehydration, I have been trying to find the right product to safely and effectively exfoliate my skin, without the risk of damaging it again. So, let me introduce you to BYBI’s Smooth & Soothe Scrub. Your - and my - skin's new best friend.

{This product is super gentle}

A hydrating facial scrub that removes the day’s dirt and grime, as well as excess sebum. What is definitely my favourite thing about this product, is that is provides dual exfoliation; jojoba beads provide physical exfoliation, whilst apple and pineapple fruit acids provide deeper, non abrasive exfoliation. It is literally the best of both worlds! I really rate using fruit acid and enzymes alongside / instead of your AHA/ BHA acids, as a more gentle exfoliating option. Fruit acids are rich of antioxidants and vitamins, whilst also powerful enough to slough off dead skin cells and smooth out wrinkles. I was initially nervous about using this product due to the physical exfoliation of the jojoba beads, but this was truly the gentlest scrub I have ever used. There aren’t too many beads in a squeeze, so you don’t feel you’re overloading them onto your skin - just the right amount.

{Leave it on for 5-10 minutes as an exfoliating face mask}

Your skin will feel super smooth and thank you afterwards! The ‘soothing’ aspect of this product comes from the Marsh Mallow root extract, which mainly targets reducing redness. If you need any more reasons to get this in your basket right now, read on. The product comes in super cute, recyclable tubes made from biodegradable sugarcane, and smells super fruity and fresh. I only ever endorse a product that I really personally enjoyed, so I am really happy to truthfully say that Smooth & Soothe Scrub left my skin softer than I had felt it in months. I am so happy to have found a scrub that perfectly balances physical and acidic exfoliation - I can’t wait to keep using it!

{Top tips}

Don’t be afraid to use a decent amount of this. I used a ‘pea sized’ on my first use, and honestly felt myself wanting a little more. It is almost a balm like texture when it comes out, so comes out fairly slowly if cold. It turns into a brilliant milky texture when used with wet hands, so it might be a good idea to use just before hopping into the shower to really get it all washed off properly.

- Grace of @gracerosebeauty

Smooth & Soothe Scrub was #giftedbyBYBI.