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Everything you need to know about Bakuchiol

Bakuchiol or Ba-koo-chee-ol (we think) is the potent, plant-based, natural alternative to Retinol. Perfect for those who find Vitamin A a little too irritating. And a proud member of the BYBI booster family.

Bakuchiol is a plant derived, natural alternative to retinol (vitamin A) from the babchi plant. In the same way as retinol, it benefits acne prone and ageing skin but without the negative side effects that retinol can have. These include dry and flakey skin, irritation, inflammation or increased photosensitisation.

So, if your skincare routine needs something more gentle than Retinol than we created the natural alternative with our Bakuchiol Booster. Giving you the option to add the same effective anti-aging products to your skincare routine without ever having to over think it. 

{Why is Bakuchiol the natural Retinol alternative?}

Although the structure of Bakuchiol differs from Retinol, it has the same ability to up-regulate the production of collagen types I, III and IV. Collagen is an essential component of preventing aging, as the skin's main structural protein of connective tissue in the body.

An up-regulation of collagen means your skin can maintain its elasticity, increasing the skin's ability to fight off fine lines and wrinkles. Everything you need to prevent aging.

In addition to this, when compared with retinol it is a much more stable ingredient, enabling it stay potent and efficacious for a longer period of time. Retinol is highly unstable and so it’s potency degrades quickly in the presence of air and sunlight. It’s effectiveness therefore also reduces faster than Bakuchiol over time. Bakuchiol doesn't react so highly to air and light. It does degrade over time, but over a much longer period, so will stay potent for as long as 6 months down the line.

{Is it for me?}

Bakuchiol is really for everyone, whether your skin is feeling; dry, oily, a little bit of both, sensitive or even normal.

It's really about whether you need a little extra boost in your skincare routine to add a layer of protection and hydration.