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Desk-friendly Essentials

Whether your desk is an actual desk, your dining table, or you’ve been working from your bed everyday 9-12 (we won’t tell). Wherever you are there's one thing for certain, we still need to keep our lips hydrated, hands clean and soft and face refreshed.

Here’s the BYBI products we are keeping close by and why. No matter where we are working from.

Clean Hands

Keeping hands clean has always been important, but it's particularly important right now. Stats show that you probably touch your face 16 times in an hour, that’s 128 times in an 8 hour working day. Keeping your hands clean will help keep your skin healthy too. We all know touching our face can play havoc with our skin.

A couple of spritzes of Clean Hands antibacterial spray will keep germs at bay with its 65% alcohol content (60% is recommended by public Health England to kill bacteria). Having issues with dry, sore hands from excessive washing and anti-bac? Well Clean Hands has been designed first and foremost to not only kill bacteria but high levels of propanediol and glycerin work to counteract the alcohol levels and hydrate and keep moisture in your hands. Leaving your hands clean, calm and soft.

Team Tip: Clean Hands powerful spray means you only need a couple of spritzes to cover and clean hands.


Babe Balm

Our multipurpose vegan beauty balm and dry skin saviour. Everyone at BYBI always has a Babe Balm kicking around. Perfect for any dry flakey patches of skin from head to toe. Babe Balm is packed with natural ingredients, such as shea butter and fruit wax to soften whilst coenzyme-10 and calendula help to repair and soothe. When we say multipurpose, we mean MULTIPURPOSE, from dry hands and cuticles, to elbows, lips and we even use it to keep those unruly eyebrows in place. Babe Balm is a desk and handbag friendly balm and probs your new work best friend. 

Team Tip: Use after Clean Hands to really help lock that moisture in.


Lip Kit

Are anyone else’s lips drier than before?! We are calling them lockdown lips, but we aren’t here for it. Perhaps it’s the lack of fresh air and sitting in front of a screen most days, but they definitely need a bit of TLC and lockdown lips have gotta go!

The Lip Kit is a vegan, 100% natural lip scrub and balm duo. Lip scrub Buffer helps exfoliate and gently get rid of dry, flaky skin thanks to brown sugar, cinnamon and strawberry extracts that are all natural exfoliators. Exfoliating lips at your desk might sound odd? But it’s a handy staple and if in the office, perhaps pop to the toilet if you're in desperate need of a lip refresh. 

Post Buffer exfoliation, save those lockdown lips with Plumper. Shea butter and carnauba wax restore and nourish the skin whilst giving a glossy, balmy finish.

Team Tip: Apply to wet lips and gently scrub. Use 2-3 times a week to keep on top of unwanted dry lips.


Mega Mist

Finally the creme de la creme of desk products, and rightly named Mega Mist. Now without running the risk of sounding too repetitive, we think we can all agree on the fact that our skin needs some mega hydration and refreshing from all these hours spent inside?!

Mega Mist is a hyaluronic acid facial spray that refreshes and hydrates your face in just a few pumps. Designed to keep your skin hydrated, Mega Mist is packed with hyaluronic acid which is a humectant, attracting and holding onto moisture which results in plumper, softer glowing skin.

Now here’s the real beauty of this product. It can literally be used at ALL stages of the day and is 100% desk friendly. Apply in the morning or evening after cleansing and we'd definitely recommend topping up and spritzing throughout the day. It's totally makeup friendly and doesn't disrupt your base (so don’t worry if you’ve got any on), it in fact adds a dewy finish look. AND the best news is, it comes in two sizes, 30 or 50ml both suitable for desk and handbag!

Team tip: For the ultimate plumping experience, spritz on a damp face in the morning to truly lock in that moisture.


Written by Isabel, BYBI Commercial Analyst