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@crueltyfreebecky Shares Her Christmas Skincare Routine

Christmas cheer is all around! The stockings are filled (almost), the presents are wrapped (almost) and baby it’s cold outside. Unfortunately for me, my skin tends to follow suit and also gets more dull and grey this time of year.

Along with trying to drink my body weight in water and keeping my refined sugar intake to a ~somewhat~ reasonable level (almost impossible in mince-pie season, I know), there are certain skincare saviours that are great to have on hand around Christmas.

{ First up, a cleansing oil. }

I find cleansing oils the most gentle method of makeup removal and much more sustainable than makeup wipes. Swipe Clean is a blend of a load of nourishing oils (including jojoba, my absolute fav) and it breaks down makeup really well - stubborn mascara included. I massage it into dry skin, introduce some water and then rinse. Et voila! Silky smooth skin that is clean and refreshed but in no way stripped or tight-feeling. Bottled magic for this time of year. Also smells amazing.


{ Next I like to use a hydrating toner }

A good hearty spritz of Mega Mist does the job well. It’s a hyaluronic-acid filled face mist that is great for locking in hydration. The extremes of going between cold weather and artificial heating can really sap life from my skin, so I like to keep this mist in my bag with me to refresh my makeup throughout the day.


{ I apply serum and then smother my face in Babe Balm. }

I love this bad boy for locking in the hydrating effect of earlier steps in my routine. I’ve also been working on reducing the amount of plastic I use in my lifestyle, so I’m obsessed with the fact that Babe Balm is packaged in biodegradable sugarcane bioplastic. The balm works its magic overnight and I’m left with wonderfully plump and hydrated skin come morning time. A Christmas miracle.


– Becky of @crueltyfreebecky

Swipe Clean, Mega Mist & Babe Balm were all #giftedbyBYBI.