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Self-care. Frankly, we all need it but where to start is often what gets in the way. Which is why we created the BYBI Bundles Flowchart. Here to help you make the perfect treat-your-self-and-others care package, our flowchart helps you choose products based on personal skin needs. So whether you’re treating yourself, not sure what to gift your hard-working friend or just new to BYBI skincare, we’ve got you covered.

So what’s so good about BYBI Bundles? At the BYBI office we LOVE bundles for self-care situations and gifting people. It’s not just a collection of products - there’s even a GREAT discount and an eco-friendly pouch too! And friends, it’s not JUST a pouch. You can use it as a toiletry bag, a Friday night clutch or just a pretty germ to stash up your hairbands, pins, make-brushes or sanitary products.

Take the Bundles Flow Chart below to find out what to Bundle. You deserve it.