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BYBI Babes. BIG news. We're now available at SEPHORA

This is a huge milestone for us and we want to celebrate with you guys by giving you the chance to win a €100 Sephora haul, plus the full BYBI set, complete with our new luxe packaging that’s to.die.for.


The shelves at Sephora are pretty vast, so if you’re in need of some inspo on how you’ll blow your €100, read on to see what our founders, Dominika & Elsie bought. Don’t forget you can shop the BYBI range online at

I love this brand and it’s great that they have a capsule collection on Sephora. This moisturiser with hyaluronic is really refreshing, it’s light but feels potent and skin feels lovely and soft after using it. Makes for a great addition to the night time routine (as it doesn’t have an SPF).

My skin is not coping well with the change in temperature and my current routine is struggling to keep up with how dry and flaky I’m feeling, particularly around the nose and lips. Babe Balm has been reformulated so it’s lighter and faster absorbing which means I’ve been using it in the mornings alongside my SPF. It’s strong emollient properties have been helping to protect against these plunging temperatures!

Who doesn’t love a beauty gadget? The Foreo range is great and this particular brush is a good entry to the range at a slightly lower price point. These electric devices have a solar pulse that provides a deep clean for your face, apparently removing up to 99.5% of dirt (v specific). It feels very thorough and is great to use alongside your cleanser, it leaves skin feeling super clean and clear.



A cleanser made from spinach, kale and green tea, it sounds like it belongs in a smoothie and I love that. 100% natural and vegan, expertly formulated and eco packaging. Sounds like my perfect product. Pretty good value too for 237ml.

This cleansing brush has activated charcoal infused bristles - like whaaaat - so I'm really keen to try this for its detoxifying and cleansing properties. Perhaps even with my new YTP Superfood Cleanser.

Supporting our British friends, this sounds super effective, potent and purifying. Kaolin clay, copaiba and fruit acids will no doubt pack a punch. I think this will also be great at extracting environmental pollutants to protect against free radical damage.

BYBI Plumper | €11.00
This new formulation of BYBI’s plumping lip balm is epic (should know - we formulated it!) with chilli and cinnamon. With a glossy sheen but a thick base, it makes Plumper the perfect hydrating makeup hybrid.