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Black lives matter. Our pledge

We are devastated by the brutal murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the many more that came before them. As a British brand, we must also acknowledge that white supremacy is rampant within the UK.

Black people continue to be unfairly targeted by the police and COVID-19 disproportionately affects BAME communities, with black and ethnic minorities four times more likely to die from coronavirus due to socio-economic inequality. We are awaiting justice for Belly Mujinga & Trevor Belle and we are fast approaching the third anniversary of Grenfell, a tragedy that simply should never have happened and where true justice shamefully still hasn’t been served.

After putting a lot of thought into the causes that will have an impact, today we are donating to:

UBELE, bereavement support for BAME families affected by Covid-19. 

United Families & Friends Campaign, a support network for families who have been affected by police and prison deaths. 

Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, tackling inequality in all its forms with a focus helping young people. 

Belly Mujinga’s & Trevor Belle’s GoFundMe. 

We are also committing to making monthly contributions to Black Lives Matter.
This is not a trend that can be forgotten next week - we acknowledge that this is an ongoing fight and there is A LOT more to be done. As a business, we are committed to an anti-racism agenda and will be taking time to address our own privilege as a company and individuals, and how structurally, we can continue to support and empower our black colleagues, friends and customers as well as using our platform to amplify their voices and educate others.

We pledge to make this an ongoing conversation both internally and externally, addressing inequality, unconscious bias, overt & covert racism across our public platforms regularly. We recognise that we must do more to be actively anti-racist. When we talk about sustainability, we will continue to ensure that this is inclusive and intersectional.

If you are white or nbpoc, we encourage you to take the time to educate yourself - there are plenty of resources out there - donate where you can, sign petitions and lend your support to the Black community.

We stand in full solidarity with those fighting for an end to racism and white supremacy.