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Acid Gold: The Ingredients

Acid Gold: What makes it fabulous? 

Over a year in the making, our first face mask has been eagerly anticipated by BYBI fans and skincare lovers alike. And...finally…the wait is over! Welcome to the world Acid Gold, your purple jar and pink brush is the stuff bathroom shelfies dream of, your gold lava-like texture is a heavenly whirlpool that brings a whole new meaning to the term “golden hour”.

Blending together 5 naturally occurring AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) with powerful fruit enzymes, Acid Gold instantly transforms dull and lifeless complexions, brightening and clarifying skin. But how? Keep reading to find out exactly what goes on in that little purple jar…

The AHAs

Skincare jargon can be a little confusing! A term that’s certainly here to stay is AHA (alpha hydroxy acids). For those of you who may never have heard of AHAs or have heard of AHAs but have also heard of a BHAs/ PHAs and are a little confused…AHAs are a family of compounds that deliver chemical exfoliation to the skin- these compounds include Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid Malic Acid, Tartaric Acid and Citric Acid (wow.. a lot of acids!). They work to dissolve the bonds between dull, dead cells found on the surface of the skin, in turn allowing these to be exfoliated (or “shredded”) away to reveal a brighter, smoother and a more even complexion. By combining the power of 5 natural AHAs, Acid Gold gently yet effectively exfoliates the skin, encourages cell renewal to reveal a smooth and even tone. The powerhouse of AHAs included in Acid Gold are below:

Bilberry extract

Source of Lactic Acid- helps to exfoliate away rough and uneven skin, whilst anti-redness properties calm, leaving you fresh faced and glowing after use.

Sugar cane extract

Source of Glycolic Acid- the AHA with the smallest molecule size it- it penetrates the skin the deepest, and the fastest. Increases cell turnover for a bright and healthy looking skin.

 Sugar maple extract

Source of malic and tartaric acids, sugar maple sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal a radiant looking complexion. It also helps to leave skin feeling hydrated after and aids repair to damaged cells.

Orange and lemon extract

Source of citric acid, orange and lemon extracts work to visibly brighten skin- great for correcting tone, for even and clarified skin.

The enzymes

Fruit enzymes are another secret to brighter, clearer and smoother skin. Working to “digest” dead surface skin cells, like AHAs they gently exfoliate leaving skin glowing and smooth. Fruit enzymes encourage cell turnover, and so are great for ageing skin when your natural skin renewal cycle slows down, they also help reduce the appearance of dark spots, fine lines and uneven tone. Combining the below enzymes with AHAs, Acid Gold ensures skin is left radiant and smooth:

Pumpkin enzyme

Exfoliates away dead skin cells in turn helping to release any bacteria that may be trapped helping to prevent blemishes.


An enzyme present in papaya seed oil helps to dissolve excess sebum and gently exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving the skin fresh, cleaner and brighter.

The oils

The exfoliating benefits of AHAs and fruit enzymes are fab in terms of leaving skin brighter and glowing, however it is important to nourish and protect skin after chemically exfoliating, in order to restore and replenish. Acid Gold is loaded with skin nourishing oils to leave skin hydrated, supple and even more radiant after use:

Sea buckthorn oil

Responsible for Acid Golds vibrant colour and also loaded with antioxidants, sea buckthorn is rich in vitamins A, C & E, fatty acids, lipids and flavonoids to keep skin soft, healthy and supple.

Pumpkin seed oil

Another antioxidant rich oil, that is also high in zinc, pumpkin oil fights free radicals, soothes, restores and nourishes skin.

Passionflower seed oil

Soothing and hydrating, for a bouncy skin feel!

Like all of BYBI's products, the ingredients used in Acid Gold have been selected for their potent individual abilities but also how well they work together. By chemically exfoliating with Acid Gold a couple of times a week, you are increasing your skin’s ability to absorb and “respond to” other products in your skincare routine. It also looks v pretty in the bathroom, and provides a great skincare selfie opportunity! Enjoy… 


Written by Chloe, NPD Manager