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8 (Clean) Beauty Brands to look out for from a Beauty Influencer

With only so much space on our shelves and even less leeway in our bank account, it's no wonder we struggle to decide which products to invest in, let alone pick out the best clean beauty products. We reached out to instagram beauty influencer Rini Truong to share her fave clean skincare brands and why she loves them. Read to find out more!

A post shared by RINI TRUONG (@rinitruong) on


{ BYBI Beauty }

Founded by beauty bloggers for beauty bloggers and lovers of beauty alike, the brand is rooted in their cruelty-free ethics and 100% vegan range. Don’t worry — the efficacy of their products isn’t compromised whatsoever. There’s a misconception that “natural” means “ineffective” and that’s not at all the case. My favorite products from the range that I would recommend everyone start with are the Mega Mist (for all skin types!) because it’s a drink of water for your skin and whether you’re oily or dry, all skin needs a drink of water! You can never be too hydrated, as it’s one of the top tips for anti-aging aside from SPF, of course! My next recommendation is the Supercharge Serum, which has been instrumental for me during the day especially because it preps my skin perfectly for makeup and leaves an unbelievable glow by nourishing the skin with natural plant oils.


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{ ILIA Beauty }

From the luxurious packaging to the impactful formulations, it’s beauty without a compromise. They have amazing ethics and amazing products. Simple as that. The minimalistic packaging is exquisite to look at and has a very sturdy weight to it. The line was founded by Sasha Plasvic, whose family has always been health conscious. With not just beauty products heading in a more natural direction, it only made sense for cosmetics to make the switch to cleaner, more eco-friendly ingredients and formulations since a lot of women wear makeup on a regular basis and our skin is the largest organ of the body!

My favourite products from the line are the lip balm called Balmy Days, their tinted lip conditioner in Maybe Baby, Nobody’s Baby, Arabian Knights, and Woo Hoo. I’m infatuated with their Essential Face Palette, which is all cream products that are multi-purpose, as well as their radiant SPF20 powder to reapply throughout the day without mattifying too much since I’m dry-dehydrated.

{ Raw Sugar }

Their line can be purchased at Target and they sell hand washes, body washes, shampoos, body scrubs, and essentially anything under the sun for body care. The formulations are natural, clean, eco-conscious, and divine. They’re cold pressed, which means they don’t lose a ton of the goodness in the ingredients! My favorite products are the body washes, scrubs, and lotions. I also really fancy their hand washes for the softest, cleanest hands.

{ Isle of Paradise }

A cruelty-free, vegan, and natural tanning brand that has amazing products. Simple as that. They deliver and empower men and women seeking to enhance their skin tone through adaptable shades without compromising their integrity. They have a light-dark range and each product from each range is easy to incorporate into your skincare regimen!

My favourite products are the tanning water and tanning drops in medium. I have yet to try light or dark, but I think I may get them in those formulations as well because I love tanning and the confidence I get from a tan without damaging my skin and since their products are natural, I feel more comfortable using them regularly!

A post shared by dpHUE (@dphue) on

{ dpHUE }

Although not all of their ingredients are certified organic, they are cruelty-free and conscious about what goes into their formulations. They do not include sulfates or parabens and other risky ingredients!

My favourite product from them is the ACV Rinse because it’s a shampoo substitute that doesn’t strip hair color or natural oils (I’m a chemically treated blonde, so it’s important for me to maintain my hair color for as long as possible!) and it is also nourishing and extremely good for the eczema on my scalp! I get embarrassing flare ups and I use the rinse and also the leave-in to combat that!

A post shared by rms beauty (@rmsbeauty) on

{ RMS Beauty }

Created by makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, their formulations mostly contain coconut oil and they’re amazing for those with dry skin like me! I love her formulations and the simplistic packaging. So chic!
My favorite product from her line is the Lip2Cheek in Spell. I use it on my eyes, lips, and cheeks! Yay for multi-purpose products with good-for-skin ingredients!

A post shared by Bite Beauty (@bitebeauty) on

{ Bite Beauty }

They’re an extremely popular brand sold in Sephora and for good reason! I haven’t tried their entire range, but everything I’ve tried from them I’ve adored! My favorite product, hands down, is the Agave Lip Mask. It lasted me over a year and I use it at least 3-4 times a week at night as an intense, as the name implies, lip mask. I wake up and it’s still there! It tastes and smells amazing. It’s made with food-grade ingredients, so you can eat it and so can your significant other!

A post shared by Tom's of Maine (@toms_of_maine) on

{ Tom’s of Maine }

I made the switch to natural toothpaste two years ago and haven’t looked back since! Since then, I’ve gotten my parents on board and none of us have cavities. Ever. I haven’t had one since I was a kid, so I can attest to the efficacy of natural toothpastes!

Their toothpaste is my favourite, especially the whitening one and the anti-plaque one. I have been trialing their deodorant and those are also lovely!

– Rini Truong