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5 Multipurpose Products That Are Perfect For Travelling

Newsflash: it's officially spring, which means we can start planning our Summer holidays and weekends away. (Cue plans of beachside bliss, thorough relaxation and in-flight entertainment).

If you've got your flight tickets? And your outfits are planned and packed - what about your skincare? If you're struggling to squeeze that 10-step routine into your hand luggage, then sit down, take a breath and acquaint yourselves with these multipurpose skincare heroes, perfectly sized for planes and yet effective enough that you won't even notice you've used the same products twice!

Read on to find out the products you need to invest in for your trip. 

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Prime Time

Not only is this an amazing exfoliator (thanks to the gentle jojoba beads), but it's works as a great brightening and smoothing face mask too. Natural AHAs from apple and pineapple munch away at dead skin cells on your face, leaving you positively glowing. It also turns into a milk when water is added, so you can use it as a cleanser too. 

Get yours here.

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Babe Balm

Our bestselling, editor-approved all-rounder is great as a nourishing moisturiser – just squeeze a little and melt between your fingertips for super fast absorption. It also doubles up as a natural glowy highlighter, brow fixer and hydrator for any dry areas on your body.

Shop it here.

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Mega Mist

This rosewater and hyaluronic-acid-packed mist is a real saviour for dry skin. Spritz it on some cotton pads and use it as a gentle first cleanse, or soak the cotton pads and leave on for 2-3 minutes to make a quick makeshift sheet mask to hydrate your skin before makeup. Of course, use it in place of your usual hyaluronic acid serum – there's plenty in Mega Mist to ensure your skin is well quenched from day to night.

Get yours here.

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Supercharge Serum

As its name suggests, you can use this potent formula as a serum to send powerful vitamins and nutrients straight into your skin. If you're in need of a little extra TLC, spread generously all over your face, massage it in and leave on overnight for a deep nourishing treatment.

Shop it here.

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Say hello to this lip balm and treatment all in one. Peppermint extract plumps your pout while sweet almond oil keep it hydrated and kissably soft all day long. Plus, you can mix with any coloured powder or some glitter for a quick DIY lip tint.

Get one here, or pair it with Buffer and say hey to our Lip Kit